Do people post here to get critiqued or just for relief and sympathy?

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Dying embers, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. Dying embers

    Dying embers Well-Known Member

    Awkward question I know, but I thought I'd better ask before jumping in. I love poetry forums, and would love to get involved here as there's lots of interesting stuff, but I'm a bit unsure if constructive criticism is really welcome? There just doesn't seem to be a culture of commentating on the negative in poems, and I'd hate to upset anyone if they weren't expecting it.
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  2. ScouseJM

    ScouseJM Well-Known Member

    I think generally honest opinions are welcome but I also think a lot of people will say in their posts if they want criticism.. mind u I welcome everyones opinion and I didnt state that in my threads :laugh:

    So if u read any poetry of mine please feel free to say whatever you think..
  3. TrAgIcK EvEntZ

    TrAgIcK EvEntZ Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure people post here because they feel suicidal and they don't want to die, so they come here for support. They post their poems to show us they how feel and I think if members did say something negative about it, it could trigger them so be careful.:smile:
  4. Dying embers

    Dying embers Well-Known Member

    k, thanks. I'll tread carefully so. :smile:
    In a way though, someone taking the time to try and find ways to improve your poem is the biggest compliment of all though, no?
  5. ScouseJM

    ScouseJM Well-Known Member

    as u metnioned in ur original post, not everyone writes and posts poetry seeing it as work they can improve but as an opportunity to vent only so they might not want to be criticised :)
  6. Dying embers

    Dying embers Well-Known Member

    Very true, thanks for reminding me :smile:
  7. Surviving

    Surviving Well-Known Member

    I'd say my skillz are pretty much nil when it comes to writing, but I am ok with that. I post mainly just to get it off my chest...

  8. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    No matter how "bad" a poem might appear, to some, I wouldn't criticize it cause a poem is a public statement on a person's private feelings and thoughts, and in that sense, there can be no "bad poetry". It takes courage to post one's poetry on a public forum and I wouldn't want my private feelings to be bashed, politely or not, by criticism on my style of language or such things.
  9. As others have already said/suggested, this isn't quite the venue for "critiquing", but more a place for folks to 'let it out' in their personal/individual expressions. There's only one person (who is - rather thankfully - no longer here) who used to take it upon himself to criticize such [heartfelt] endeavours - and he appeared to be nothing more than pedantic.

    Such expression is unique and subjective - and hence, therapeutic & cathartic. Many here may already feel awkward about sharing their deepest words & thoughts - so unless they ask for it - it only makes sense to refrain from "fixing" what ain't broke (I am personally, as you may already suspect, rather adamant about that. And I make no apologies).

    If you sincerely wish to participate in critiquing others' works, there's a poetry forum further down on the main page of this site, under "LINKS" - and there is a specific section in that forum precisely for that purpose...(you will of course, have to sign up/register as a member)

  10. Lead Savior

    Lead Savior Well-Known Member

    I don't criticize anything people write here

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