Do therapists really help?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by sunshinesblack, Dec 3, 2010.

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  1. sunshinesblack

    sunshinesblack Well-Known Member

    My experience with them is pretty bad, and see other people not getting helped either (other sits) so was wondering if is anyone here that found therapy made a positive difference and maybe if you care to share for what?
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    my first therapist was not a good experiance at all. My now therapist is very kind very understanding and is every so clever He brings all the issues to the service without me knowing how it happened. He has help me heal some from past issues and is still helping me detach from people so we can live healthier lives In the right hands the right therapist make sure has qualifications in the area you need help in it does work I hope you keep trying to find that one for you
  3. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    Therapy can be hit-or-miss, especially if you're as bad off as people on this forum are. However, given enough time and a good bond with your therapist, there are definite, well-proven benefits to it.

    The good bond can be hard to establish, though, and it takes a lot of time.
  4. sunshinesblack

    sunshinesblack Well-Known Member

    ive been to 6, one told other people about seeing me, one was completly unreal like talking from books, one seamed to not want to deal with my to many issues and sayed shes going on a trip and will have to find another, one just seamed to dislike me and hintd she wont help me but gave me good meds on request, last one told me I cant expect much and therapy will be focused on me accepting my spared the cash
    oh forgot to say one was from the inpatiens hospital and also talked bs and did not help, and also talked to the psychiatrist that was also crap, its like they all hated me and think i did not deserve any batter, i did not even get to tell the extent of my problems to the first ones since they would start bs ting away at first opportunity
  5. sunshinesblack

    sunshinesblack Well-Known Member

    nice to know there is such a thing as good therapist, i did start searching for qualifications, last one was as high as qualifications i can find here
  6. sinnssykdom

    sinnssykdom Banned Member

    I agree that they're really hit or miss. I had two, one i knew right away after the first session that it would not be a good match so i left without booking for another appointment. Unfortunately i had to see SOMEONE(or so thats what they claimed) so i got forced on to some random guy who i also didn't really feel was a good match but gave it a go and honestly it wasn't all that helpful.

    Now i am once again in the same situation as before and am being forced to see people whom i do not think will help the situation. I have my assessment on the 15th and then they're going to match me up with someone or something.

    I do have to say though, all mine were from the community mental health program/team and were free/covered under medical. I think the private ones would probably be a lot better but not everyone can afford almost $200 an hour to spare for a counselor/therapist.
  7. gakky1

    gakky1 Well-Known Member

    For a while they did but it seemed as though after a while was really going no where, seen quite a few over the years. Seems as though more and more are seeing them now compared to years ago, seems like an assmbly line when I've gone lately, someone comes out, I go in, someone's after me, and so on, think that really has brought the quality of care down, it's actually been a negative difference then as of late.:grr:
  8. sunshinesblack

    sunshinesblack Well-Known Member

    yah I get the assembly line thing, things like these need so much time, and not mental noise, so takeing many patients beats the purpose
  9. Confusticated

    Confusticated Well-Known Member

    Therapy helps, you just need to:
    a) Want the help
    b) Find the right therapist for you.

    If you can't do either, then of course therapy will always be a bad experience.
  10. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

    i don't think i'd be alive if it weren't for my therapist. she is great. she helps me figure out why i'm responding to current situations the way i am. she helps me untangle the past. she truly cares. she's not the first therapist i've had but she's the best.
  11. sunshinesblack

    sunshinesblack Well-Known Member

    erm, please explane what does not wanting he help mean, how can one search for a therapist but not want the help?
  12. sunshinesblack

    sunshinesblack Well-Known Member

    if you dont mind whats the therapy for?
  13. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

    for childhood trauma, specifically physical and sexual abuse. we also deal with self-harm (i cut) and feeling suicidal.

    i see her twice a week, that's how much i feel she helps me.
  14. sunshinesblack

    sunshinesblack Well-Known Member

    oh ,k, was guessing actually, it seams the only thing i see people find them really useful, dunno what is up with this
  15. Member

    I've seen my therapist about 5 times now and it's been a really positive experience. I think one of the benefits of finding someone you can trust is that when you're having a really bad time you end up looking forward to telling them about it and getting help, instead of just focusing on the negative experience as it is happening. My therapist said he cares about me, which was nice to hear as the previous person who I saw was really clinical and detached.
    I think it really is a case of finding the right one - good luck!
  16. Confusticated

    Confusticated Well-Known Member

    The amount of people that have said on here that they're seeing a therapist but don't want help is surprising. If you don't want help, then how can someone get in to help you? That is what I mean.
  17. Member

    That is interesting because I don't necessarily want to live, and yet I find talking to a therapist a really positive thing to do. I am still pretty sure I'm going to kill myself, at the moment it feel like an inevitability, but I think talking about it helps clear my thoughts and helps me think about why it is that I want to die. I think I need to be sure that's it's the right thing to do, so in that respect it is very helpful.
  18. 1izombie

    1izombie Well-Known Member

    I have had my share of therapy, sometimes it has helped and at other times not so much...some therapists are not the right fit and sometimes your not ready to get help or commit to change. Its really is hit and miss and can be disappointing for those who think a lack of therapy is the only thing standing in their way from getting better. The reality is there are no easy fixes.
  19. sunshinesblack

    sunshinesblack Well-Known Member

    oh, k so maybe there are more levels of "help"? one of them focusing on making you feel batter. I guess people are thinking in therms of making you change your mind type of help?
    the not needing help when you go willfully to a therapist made me feel miserable since I went to therapists that told me I am not cooperative and was told many times by other people I dont want to chance, and its as untrue as it gets , but i guess you's where referring to other situations.
    I for one dont like talking to therapists cause i feel all they want is easy money, I did not found one i could talk to anyway i feel like all six though i dont deserve to live and should just kill myself already.

    1izombie maybe that belief is like the true love one , like there must be a life changeing therapist out there for me, lol, am not the type to think like that but my circumstances make it tempting.

    I dont get it am as determined to change everything as one could be and always have been so, but like everybody just wanted me to be like this, and I fele like ive been fighting everyone for a log time and cant do it anymore, at all,my parents did all posible in this direction, others always gang up against me and as I sayed therapists are like they hate me and some did not want to do with me regardless of the money or would just propose to have superficial conversations where i felt i have to play a role, and i noticed this with alot of them, like if i dont play along to what they expect me to be they dont want to do with me and well in order to evolve they have to treat me not their imaginary patient.I tried to play the imaginary patient when i was more imature but it only made my problems continue in the therapists office too, no communication, just superficial role play and superficial nice words and encouragement and this went on till i had a nervous breakdown and gave up the therapy. This has happened to me over and over thro out the years. Guess am just un helpable but i would like to know what is in theyr head.
  20. Mikeintx

    Mikeintx Well-Known Member

    The second one I went to helped me immensely. I am over all of my past depression and suicidal ideation. Granted its not easy, you really have to find a therapist you click with and also put in a lot of work to get better but if you are at the point of suicide I am sure you will do whatever you need to to get better. Don't give up, keep trying to find one you work well with and do whatever it takes to get over your problems. Good luck.
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