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Do we have a right to Die

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by shub11, Oct 12, 2011.

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  1. shub11

    shub11 Banned Member

    We all never had The Right to Get born , I meant no one asked us whether we wish to get born in this earth it was the decision of our parents.

    Now I want to ask Do we have at least the Right o Die ??

    Why to people deny us our rights ?
  2. Sais

    Sais Well-Known Member

    I really think somewhere, somehow I/we chose when and where to get born.
    Our parents too. Unfortunately I paid some attention to my parents and
    they were exactly what I needed, to become who I am, so that I can be capable of doing everything I need to do here, in this fucked up world.
    I don't know if we have the right to die. I think we have the right to make a choice. But I don't think refusing life is an answer.
    Well... At least today...
  3. sippingtea

    sippingtea Member

    A complex issue really. The more libertarian schools of thought almost suggest that suicide is something you have to justify not doing. The idea that the , burden of proof if you will, is for life to be worth living. Thats a view I share generally because I believe people's own actions are there's alone, and for other people to dictate them are being quite selfish in some ways.

    The issue isn't as simple as that paragraph suggests though. In most western cultures suicide is normally caused by depression. In some other cultures(like japan 100 years ago, and somewhat today) it was 'shame' that would cause it. Depression, i.e something that diminishes someones rational outlook on life does beg the question are they really all that willing and deciding to cease living in rational terms?

    Even though I believe in the right to die, and kinda want to do it myself I'd probably stop someone committing suicide if I was first on the scene. 18 or so years of conditioning that suicide is bad/evil/selfish would kinda make me act like that instinctively.
  4. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    Hey mate - I understand what you mean - but your parents met - presumably fell in love - and they knew the consequences of sex might be a baby. Well - here you are - no longer a baby but I guess your parents hoped and prayed you would be happy.

    I'm 47 - my parents are still alive - and any thoughts they are to blame likely died on the vine aged 20 or so - I have depression - had it for over 30 years - main reason being I kept it to myself.

    It is tempting to cry the blues about 30 years 'wasted' - but I had some good times - came close to happiness - I think - lol. Actually - many times things have been pretty good - and sometimes they were bad for sure. But it never got so bad I overdosed or tried to 'delete' myself. Thought about it lots of times - even to the point were you kind of accept you'd do it - but - I got no second chances - I'd succeed so its not an option.

    Truth is when we are born - its always a 'risk' - and whilst you think depression is a bad one to have - trust me - there are MANY disabilities and some reduce quality of life a lot.

    Depression is bad - and if you feel like dying your as bad as anyone I guess - but depression is not a physical thing - it may have a biological form - a definite 'reason' - perhaps brain chemicals - DNA and so on. But depression is mainly mental - its your mind affected - and its possible with the mind to actually think yourself back into positivity. Well its actually likely - all said and done if you feel better you will likely be more in control of your thoughts.

    Also - other people matter. You got to open up at some point - and the longer you leave it - the more excuses you have to think for not making it here - or missing this - and - so on.

    Its not like you have to confess it everyone you know - that would be unwise.

    Anyhow- the right to die is a tricky one and always has been. In some cases - terminally ill - suffering - you can see the argument for euthanasia whereby others would judge whether it was right.

    I got to say - there must be over a thousand times I would have took the easy option of being 'put down' - maybe if we had a clinic - people would think 'ah well - best just die' - hey - they might be dying because the football - some woman - the job or maybe they are just drunk?

    With depression - there are peaks and valleys - so its worth waiting out the time in the valley- or getting on with something - in the hope you get back to some peak.

    NO way would anyone put someone to death for feeling down.

    For one - how do you know your not physically ill?

    And secondly - I assume you know you have depression - so tell me this - would you have agreed to me dying 30 years ago? 25 years - 20 - 15 or ten years ago?

    I would have sounded 'sincere' - could have written some eloquent piece which maybe pro-lifers would weep over and dust off some gas chamber.

    Thing is with depression you KNOW things will never get better - well you think you know it.

    I could have done the deed mate - but maybe I'd be a ghost looking at life now thinking "sh** - life would have got better!"

    Messed up as I have been - I still had some fun for sure - and nobody who met me would think I was depressed - unless I was affecting the 'bluesman' pesona - you know - look moody it gets you laid? - well - if your extremely attractive you can look down and attract people - alas - I'm not extremely attractive - so like most guys have to be cheerful for a women.

    Well - let her know your suicidal - of course, then cheer up a little - maybe she will kill you instead! Job done kind of - well not really I'm not advocating that madness!

    You could be anyone - I mean in a few years - we keep changing and I've been this and that - over the years. You reinvent yourself - well usually get a job or move.

    Love is one thing - what about a family of your own one day?

    Who knows - maybe you'll be the cure for cancer - someone - working on something obscure - till one day - its not obscure.

    Hey most of us just work in obscurity and don't need fame - but we'd like to be good at what we do - maybe the best - because sometimes you get lucky and can excel.

    So killing yourself - or the right to do that - its always 'selfish' in that its for us - other people never appreciate it - nobody ever sits back and says "well - my son or daughter was sad - and they wanted to die - so its all for the best"

    NEVER works like that.

    I feel your pain for sure but also feel the pain your loved ones would feel - and even us here - if you were to do that and leave that message.

    Hey - maybe you got more to explain - more 'reasons' - but I got to say many here would show far greater reasons - I know that 100% - not that depression is a contest - but some people have horrible lives - and to survive that and the depression makes them way better than me.

    but I know looking at someone worse does not make us feel better - just pointing out the way things are.

    I wish you all the luck in the world - with living!

    You got the right to dye

    Yes - dye your hair.

    Thinking green myself - or is that a mid life crisis thing?

  5. Kaos General

    Kaos General Well-Known Member

    Of course we have the right to die, but then of course it throws up a major problem.
    Do you want to die because you have made an informed choice, weighed up all the pros and cons, thought about this in a clear and concise way, or do you want to die because the depression is making you think that the world would be a better place without you in it?
  6. pancake111

    pancake111 Well-Known Member

    We all have the right to die. Our life is in our hands. But taking steps to actually die is more complex. To me, suicide is in more forms than people think, and I'm not talking about methods.

    Smokers are technically committing suicide, except much slower. These days, if someone starts smoking, they know exactly what they're getting into, and they know it's going to kill them, but they also have the power to stop. The same thing can be said for someone who kills themselves very quickly. Some ways just have become socially acceptable.

    I'm not going to try and convince you that living is better than dying because 1. I have never died (obviously!), so I can't really give you an honest opinion
    2. I know a lot of people won't agree with this, but to me, if you really believe that you are better off somewhere else, I'm not going to stop you. My experience with depression and suicide have helped me see that the way you feel is everything. For example:

    If you have a job that you absolutely hate, then quit. Stop putting yourself through hell for a job. But if you have a family to support, and bills to pay, then you should probably figure out someother job beofre you quit the one you currently have.

    If we put this into a broader scale, as in your life, its easy to say there are no other options and you've tried your best, especially when you're suicidal. What I'm trying to say is, move away from what gives you pain, and live somewhere, do something that make you feel good. And if you have honestly tried that, and you're still in pain, then I would let you go.

    I know I've rambled, but thats my 2 cents on dying.
  7. shub11

    shub11 Banned Member

    The only thing which stops me to say Good bye to life is my parents.
    The would be insulted in the society if i took such a step
    But life is like a living hell for me
    My parent are forcing me to get married but I know if I marry i would be doing a lot of injustice to my spouse and myself. I cant cant disclose my position//situation to anyone because here in India depression is considered as something socially unacceptable. No one takes it as serious. Do not know what to do . Can someone remain bachelor for the life ? is that an option ? because I love/respect my parents and would live only because if I cant make them happy by living then at least I should not inflict great misery on them by dying
  8. eagles_fan

    eagles_fan Well-Known Member

    "The right to die."

    As human beings, we are certainly born with certain rights which are universally held up to be the human standard. But the right to die is debated by many.

    In my opinion, there is nothing - absolute zil - after life. There will be nonexistence, no thought, no emotion, nothing. That's so much worse than life that makes me think that, unless a person is in absolutely horrible medical conditions, they do not have a right to die. How do you know life won't eventually get better and you'll find some happiness at some point? For some of us, even being happy and content is work. We're going to have to work at it.

    Please work at being happy. You mean something to me, my friend.
  9. shub11

    shub11 Banned Member

    I know this shit...... but somehow few of us in this world are not equipped to be able to live a normal life.......... Why should they have to suffer forever just because majority of this world has decided to deny us the right to die.

    I think even after proper counselling if some feels that he wants to say goodbye then he /she should be allowed to do us (above age of 21)
  10. Moat

    Moat Banned Member

    I've had this discussion before with friends and always my answer is the same: no one else has the right to tell us what we can and cannot do with our lives. If suicide is what you want, then you are afforded that right, as long as it endangers no one else.
  11. shub11

    shub11 Banned Member

    But that's personal view , legally its not allowed , socially not acceptable
  12. Kaos General

    Kaos General Well-Known Member

    This marriage your supposed to go through, can you not go through with it and then divorce soon after, surely that would appease your parents? Sorry my knowledge of indian society is somewhat poor.
  13. Moat

    Moat Banned Member

    Yes, it is a personal view and somethng which is not widely legal in most countries nor is it socially acceptable in some countries, but if someone is intent on taking their own life, then there isn't a hell of a lot anyone else can do to stop them, save pumping them full of drugs or locking them up in a padded cell for the rest of their lives - which is not much of an option either.
  14. flyingdutchmen

    flyingdutchmen Well-Known Member

    my circumstances might be a bit different from those of others here as i do not have a large loving family but here is how i view it...
    my life, im living it and i will decide how long i will do so
  15. shub11

    shub11 Banned Member

    In india you dont divorce ever......... very rarity ...

    Once you are married you are screwed if you are not successful (financially I mean) which I am not as of now at least. I am kind of mentally unstable how can i think of starting a family and cause pain to those who have no idea of my condition

    GOD HELP ME .....
  16. flyingdutchmen

    flyingdutchmen Well-Known Member

    Ugh. Being pressured into marriage while suffering Depression :(

    Is there any way you could talk to your parents and tell them something along the lines off that you think you might be ready for marriage but you would like to cure your depression first in order to be able to be happy again ? Would there be any possebility they might get themselfs educated a bit about depression ?
  17. shub11

    shub11 Banned Member

    NO .....
    In India you can have any disease barring Depression (although almost all middle class population suffers from it including my Mom ) because it is kind of a social stigma. SO people dont openly discuss it. Anyways I am personally not a fan of therapy because I have genuine problems due to which I am suffering form depression which wont go away from medication . I have fight off the problems ....but if the burden of marriage is put on my shoulder right now things could become ugly ....
  18. post op

    post op Banned Member

    If suicide was ok the bodies would line the streets this is a cruel world leaving it is the things dreams r made of
  19. BeautifullyChaotic

    BeautifullyChaotic Well-Known Member

    Nope. In America we do not have the right to die. Suicide is actually a "crime" and for attempting it and failing and being caught we can be committed against our will. Once the doctors feel we have accepted that life is just life and we have to live it they will release us, but can still force us via court order to continue with outpatient care, and even force regular blood testing to make sure we are taking our meds.

    Is suicide selfish? A bit, yes. But I feel that sometimes we have to be a bit selfish for our own happiness, or for peace. However, if I saw someone attempting suicide I would try to save them, even though I wouldn't want to be saved myself.

    Hell, even in a vegetative state, with a legal DNR we can still be forced to live if a family member doesn't want to let us go. They can go get a court order from a judge to keep life support going if there is even a 5% chance of recovery. It doesn't really matter that we have made our wishes clear, if someone wants to fight it they can.
  20. pppqp

    pppqp Well-Known Member

    We have a right to die. It is no way a crime to kill yourself. Making suicide illegal is nonsensical.
    It is parents actually who are selfish (and naive) to bring you into this world hoping in vain that you would live happily ever after.
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