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Do you actually bother to read?

Discussion in 'Opinions, Beliefs, & Points of View' started by SinisterKid, Aug 24, 2016.

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  1. SinisterKid

    SinisterKid We either find a way, or make one. SF Supporter

    I am just wondering how much of a thread some of you read. I usually read the orginal post and then the most recent page of replies, which can mean 1-2 replies, or 10 replies or more. Why do I do that? Because i dont want to duplicate questions or responses that have already been made. Whats the point in 2-3 different people all asking the same fucking question? I just dont get that. Its like ok, they read the original post, or a reply and they quote it and add a question, which if they bothered their arse to check, wa asked 2 replies ago.

    Heres a good example for ya's. Someone says their mood has changed for the worse. Then on one page, three people all ask, what triggered the change? Errr why? Is it because you cant be more original, so you just write any old crap even though someone already posted the same thing?

    Its just one of those things that I find annoying about forums in general, not just this place I accept that maybe 2 people post simultaneously, which happens, but I see it way too frequently for it to be just that. Maybe I just try to give too much of myself to each post I read and reply to, I dont know.
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  2. brknsilence

    brknsilence "Keep Moving Forward"-Meet The Robinsons movie


    I read some posts and at times not sure how to respond. I hear what others read, understand they are hurting - I just wish I had the right words to be supportive and helpful. When nothing comes to mind, I don't reply and just wish, I could say the right words to help or be supportive - to let them know someone is out there that does cares and wish to help. At times, "Hugs" is all I can come up with but just doesn't seem to do much of any. I just wish I was like others with encouraging replies and messages.
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  3. neko-chan

    neko-chan Well-Known Member

    normally.. i just read the original post.. then just browse through the other one's.. and mainly read the last post.. or at least that's what i used to do when i post so much on the forums.. now.. i rarely post anything other than my journal and messaging people i met here.. probably the reason why i don't post so much anymore.. is because i think there are more people qualified to give advice than me.. and also because most of the times i'm at lost for what to say..
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  4. CodeX

    CodeX Controversial Figure

    One of the reason is ...people on suicidal forum are not in same state as on sites like stackoverflow or stackexchange ... not only questions repeat on forum but many a time in their brains too
  5. DrownedFishOnFire

    DrownedFishOnFire Seeing is Believing Forum Pro SF Supporter

    Everyones reading ability is different. I notice that as I try to read each responses before formulating my feedback but again all walks of life post on this forum and not all have good reading skills or understanding of what other people are saying. Many human related reasons why this happens. I enjoy reading your well thought out posts by the way.
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