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Do You Believe In A God???

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I think I believe in one but I don't believe a God is good like everyone thinks.

If God was so good why would he put me in so much pain? I want to pray to a God but yet I feel stupid. Almost like he/she is mocking me if I pray.

I would give anything to have strength from God. But yet God is not on my side.

Yet I so badly want to be with her/him. Because there can be no pain as bad as this.

What do you think?


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Ellie...not too long ago, I wrote a poem which expressed this conflict as well...I think some ppl have 'faith', the belief that G-d exists, and others have a differing view...what one feels is about what makes most sense for him/her... personally, I do believe there is a G-d, but also see the conflict in believing that He is all good...thanks for this thought provoking thread...J


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I would do anything to know that God was with me and loved me no matter what. If I knew God hada plan for me and the reason things were the way they are was for a reason. If I knew that 100% I don't think I would be suicidal.
I believe in God. But I didn't until about a year ago. And then it just sort of hit me. I realized this:

No matter how much i hate myself or imperfect i think i might be, God thinks i'm perfect. He'll love me even when i stray from my faith.

Who am I to deny that unconditional love?

And i felt it. I still feel it, though i have not been to church or even prayed in 2 or 3 months. I do try to stop each day and say 'His mercy endures forever" it helps me to know i can stray but God will call me back to Him when I'm ready in His eyes.


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if you are looking for proof, i wish you luck but don't think you'll find it

belief in a higher power is based on faith that such a thing exists in the absence of proof

i would not look to any particular religious group to understand god because no two groups share the same beliefs yet all are unshakable that their's are the correct ones

this has led (and still leads) to some of the worst wars and atrocities in the world

if you have faith that such a power exists, it should come from inside - not be imposed by some other group - i feel it should be deeply personal

and realize that different groups feel that such a power is either benificent, wrathful, loving, unforgiving...do you see my point?

for the record, i was raised roman catholic but grew disenchanted with the politics, contradictions, and hypocracy - not just with mine but many organized religions

doesn't mean i'm right or that my views should fit yours


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I'm not sure what my stance is.

I have trouble believing that a person could have created everything we see, every single atom in the cosmos. For me at least, the science behind it all cancels out the idea of "God" in its religious meaning. But going deeper than what science can explain, what placed everything in the universe to start off with? Sure the big bang might have happened that kick started the universe we see today, but what came before that? Or indeed, what placed the ingredients together that created the big bang? Something had to have started everything as nothing goes on forever.

I must admit, it has only been recently I have begun to question everything I see around me. I'm not entirely sure why. It just seemed like one day I woke up and all these questions were just here and my own existence seemed so small and insignificant compared to the greater machine.

I think whatever force started the universal process I believe to be a God. But when I use the term God in this sense I discount everything that any religion in the world might say about it. This is just my own opinion of course.

I don't know how many people here are from the UK, or how many have access to BBC resources, but I would recommend people to watch "Wonders of the Solar System" and "Wonders of the Universe" by Professor Brian Cox. It really does help to put things into perspective. It certainly did for me.


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I'm not against religion or God.
If there is a God, it most likely isn't as positive as everyone claims it to be. Don't you think it's naive of people to think it's good? You don't know what it's capable off, and have no real idea what you are dealing with.

If life sucks, look for answers that tell you why it does. By knowing those answers you can improve it yourself without meddling with things we have no real knowledge off. I won't go to deep into the subject though, but if something happens it's bound to happen at some point. You can't manipulate fate.
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