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  1. Hurricane

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    At the risk of shaming myself even here, do you believe you can love someone you never met?

    I've... known him for 2 years and he's wonderful and kind and caring but I just don't think he loves me back. But you see, then I drift off to sleep and find myself with him and I just cuddle him and I wake up remembering 'This feels right.' and wondering how I got so damn stupid to love someone I never met.

    What do you think? Could you fall in love with someone you never met face-to-face?
  2. cult logic

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    Personally, no.

    I don't believe you can really love someone you've never really met.

    Maybe become infatuated, or be in love with what you think they are.

    But without face to face contact you never really get the full experience of someone...
  3. Datura

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    You can love the idea of the person, because much of it is concocted in the mind. Truly getting to know someone takes place in the flesh.
  4. KittyGirl

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    I think that's more like... loving the idea of being with this person.

    Fantasy is much more fun than anything real-life can produce for the most part, but you can't really love a person that you don't really know personally/intimately.

    It could work out either way though... and then there's the idea of 'love at first sight' < which is another concept pretty much the same as what you're talking about. It's partially fantasy.
    Until you can act on it and get to know this person, you can't really love them for who they are- or receive any love in return.
  5. plates

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    You don't need to get to know a person through flesh, or face to face contact. Communication can be piss poor that way and full of posturing, acting/games and barriers.

    You seem to have a good relationship with someone, you seem to know someone well- and two years is a long time! Which is why I don't think it's a crush.

    You're developing feelings, good ones, ones of comfort and love. Go with it, it's fine. If he doesn't feel the same way- at least you have what you have- your feelings of love for him, and that is something you can treasure :hug: because it comes from your heart which is saying you're in love with him, and nobody here can tell you otherwise.
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  6. boo

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    You can feel attachment for a person you never met, but to truly love someone you really need his/her presence. That's not saying the infatuation you feel for someone you never met is no good. But you only tasted a piece of them. Not the whole pie. :wink: