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Do you ever feel....

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...like maybe things are starting to be okay, not great, but you're having good days here and there and life is starting to seem more bearable. And then all of a sudden, someone does or says something that just sends you spiraling back down into your black hell hole again. I hate that I'm so overly sensitive, but sometimes people can be such selfish jerks! Is it too hard to think about someone besides your self once in awhile? :sad: I'd rather have no friends at all then ones who don't give a s*** about you.

No need to respond, I'm just having a tantrum and feeling sorry for myself I suppose. Thanks for listening.


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Happens to me all the time...but its more about what I see...rather than what I hear. People arent even aware of the effect things have on me...and theres nothing I can do about it.

Watching happy couples and so on gets me down. I have to walk away...and fast, and a whole bunch of other things...
It's just up and down... sometimes we're down for so long we're afraid to go back up again.. we'll never stay in that one place emotionally, but each time we're let down again the fall becomes less intense and easier to handle, I guess.
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