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Do you ever worry about random people you don't really know?

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As the title says, do you?

I personally do, all the time, I can't help but wonder if they are fine and if I don't see them around even if I never talk with them I get super worried that something might have happened to them, it's part of the reason why I don't hang out in this forum very much, seeing so many depressed people just causes me to worry about their well-being but I don't really know how to approach people and I don't have any good advise at all.


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I worry about people here but dropping people a line here & saying "hi, I'm thinking about you" on their profile page means something, you know? You can just literally ask how someone is - if they're doing okay - "hey I see you're having a hard time, do you want to talk?".. anything. Even if they say no then it's almost always appreciated 99.9% of the time.
This place doesn't just leave when you log off, that's for sure.


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I get it, but it's hard not to feel like it's my responsibility to do something, like if something happens it's specifically because I didn't do anything.

Like one time a kid got kidnapped outside my work, while I was working and you know years later I still think about it, despite the fact I didn't even know until after it happened I feel like I should have gone outside the building and done something and it's my fault it happened, like after it happened I started going for walks in the middle of the night with a baseball bat just in case something else happened, because I felt I needed to do something.

It's weird it doesn't make much sense but it's just what it feels like, like I said that's why I'm not here often, otherwise I'd feel like I have to do something about everyone and that would be impossible, especially because I'm really bad with words, and yes I do realise what I said before was really dumb but I was like 18 and really dumb, fortunately nothing happened to me during the time period when I did that.


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I don’t think kid snatchers would have made their move with an adult (you) capable of fighting back is there, I don’t think you could have stopped it, but I have the same thoughts.

A few times in my life I did act to save life. One time last year I was walking with groceries and a stupid juvenile deer was walking in a street speed limit 35 and a Lexus suv with distracted driver barreling down on it. These people a man and woman were yelling at the driver who had windows up didn’t notice.

In one instant I dropped the groceries and ran at the deer into the road with my arms up pretending to be a bear and roaring and the deer ran, yuppy finally braked for upcoming red light in his Lexus, and I saved the deers life.


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Yes I do. And also since I have paranoid schizophrenia
I worry about random people I don't really know reading my mind and starring at me. I worry more about the many voices outside and inside that talk all day when their is no one here. I worry about seeing people that I think exist I talk to and whether I should talk to them in front of people or let them in my house.
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