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Do you feel bad about making new friends or dating?

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I don't feel bad about the friends i already have. they'll be hurt no matter what if i end up killing myself, and it's too late to stop that. (and i don't think i have some obligation to my friends to not kill myself) but i do feel bad about making new friends and dating, simply because now i feel like there is a good likilhood i'll kill myself at some point or another, and i feel guilty getting innocent bystandards involved in my life, even if it takes another 3 years for me to die.


New Member
I don't know if this will help, but I kind of feel the same way.

I try to keep to myself. I know that my depression and suicidal thoughts can get pretty bad, and I don't want to expose other people to my mental problems. I want to keep collateral damage to a minimum.

Love to hear back from you.



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my hopes are that you will make new friends. It sounds like you have some good friends which tells me you must be a wonderful person. I hope that having these friends helps you see your worth.



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I have never thought about it that way. However I feel suicidal, I actually do not think I will ever end up killing myself. But I understand where you are coming from. I hope that soon your suicidal tendancies will disappear and making new friends and dating will be a happy time for you.

Take care and be safe,
Aniel :hug:
I can relate to the way you feel though for me it’s a little more complex. I feel that new friends/relationships will just give me a false sense of hope, persuading me to hang on a little longer. I don’t want to prolong the pain. Id rather isolate myself so as I may gather the strength/misery to put and end to things.
well, i'm feeling bad exactly because i have no close friends and i don't date and i don't know how one can find friends in my age, so that would trigger me to leave.
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