do you feel embrassed ,ashame?

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do you feel embrassed or ashame when ever you have discuss about the abuse or the rape ?
i just simply cant stand even saying the word rape when people asked me what is the flashback about . is it just me or does anyone else find it embrassing too ?

and what is flashback or nightmare like for you guys if you have any . :S
is it normal to feel exhaust and lost track of reality when that happen ?
It's kind of in the middle for me. When people ask me what happened between the guy and I, it's doesn't make me feel embarrassed or ashamed to talk about. But when I talk about specific things that happened, details, it's really hard and I'm completely ashamed and embarrassed. So it's not just you, I promise. And I'm sure most people who have been in that situation would say the same thing.

My flashbacks and nightmares are horrible. I usually get the flashbacks in the middle of a class that I have with him and I completely zone out. When I like, come back to reality, apparently I look sick. I know I feel sick, but teachers have sent me to the nurse because I looked so bad. The nightmares are terrible too. It's like when you sleep for several hours but you don't really get any rest. I wake up and I'm tired and depressed and it just sucks. I wish I had some advice to give you but I'm still looking for some myself.

All I can suggest is something my friend told me once: Find one thing each day to make you smile.

When you get a flashback or nightmare, find something around you to make you smile or laugh. A song. A picture. A book. A show. Anything.


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My "Best Friend" from 4th to 10th grade abused me.
Not initially, but since around 7th grade, physically and emotionally.
When people ask me why we're not friends anymore,
it's hard- I kinda want to tell them I was abused by her,
but instead I say we just didn't get along anymore and stuff.
To this day, no one knows about it, and I'm a sophomore in college.
It's juse embarassing to admit it, you know?


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Really embarrassed about the sexual abuse. I don't have flashbacks or anything really, maybe once or twice, nothing major. I don't like telling people and just kinda clam up about it. I've had a therapist said she thought I was abused before I told her because of the way I acted. I dunno.
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