Do you go to college and do you get EMA or ALG

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by mixedemotions, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. mixedemotions

    mixedemotions Forum Buddy

    I dont know if this will apply to the US..

    I think it is just a Uk thing..

    But does any one here go to college or doing a course..

    do you get EMA or a ALG??

    I have been waiting for my contract since September now. And i'm so fucking pissed off. the system is a pile of fucking shit. Some days I cant even afford to get to college or my work placement because I'm so short of cash.

    I cant cope any more.
  2. Locket

    Locket Well-Known Member

    i've been waiting for my EMA since september too! i sent away the first form in the beginning of august! and they still haven't sent the letter (that i have to get signed by my school) back!
    it's rediculous! i'm starting to think i'll never get it!

    it's bad enough just that
    but every time i try and ring up.. even at times when hardly anyone is going to be ringing, i am kept on hold for over half an hour! and they never pick up! it's SO annoying!
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