Do you have a right to commit suicide if...?

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I am not writing this to suggest by any means I am thinking about suicide. I am just throwing out this question to hear what people think of it.
Do you have a right to commit suicide 1) if you think you will die without regret because you gave ur all 2) if you have been going through unbearable, unendurable pains on almost daily basis 3) if you often feel like throwing up because of so much emotional pains generated from everyday life 4) if you can't endure life that has no signs of turnaround and is hopeless?
Everyone has a limit. You can only do so much. If you are dealing with unbearable pains and obstacles on constant basis, I think that must seem like a torture, not a life.
Any frank or honest feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
I find myself endlessly pondering the thoughts and questions. When have you reached your limit? Every effort made to "deal" with issues becomes so exhausting that, the price of mental health and somethings that will never go away are too much? I am talked out, antidepressanted out, educated out, and just plain sick and tired.
Some people see at wrong, but some people see it as their only way out. Some people think its a shame to have to end ones life due to pain and suffering being some unbearable that we can't function properly. To commit suicide is the ultimate low of the low. But ultimately it is your life and it belongs to you so what ever you do with it is up to you, but to feel so alone and longing to end the pain that you take your life is so sad, but ultimately its up to the individual, but it really is a shame to have to end ones life. such a shame
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