Do you have any idea how the hell i feel?

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  1. LSD

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    is not that i asked to be born in the first place
    i born not cuz i wanted to..
    its not like i told you and my mom to have sex before time and have me even you dind't want.

    i know i'm not a great daughter
    i know i might not dress like you want, talk as you want, act like you want
    but i'm doing my best
    i know your life isn't easy.. and you are wokring hard.. not only cuz of me .. but my sisters also
    but being't easy for me either
    you have no idea what iwent throw while you were "working"
    what they did to me when you weren't home
    what happened to me when i wasn't in home
    how hard is wake up and face the day

    i know i sucked at college.... and i'm trying to recover right now.. might be late.. but i'm "TRYING"
    i know i did bad in anatomy at the begginng.. but i tried my best and got a 28/30 in my finals.. even at the end i got 62.. but i still can take another test to recover that grade..but i havent fail
    why you are not happy for me cuz of that?... i proved something -- i got the highest score in the final.. proly didn't got the 70-.but i haven't fail..

    why aren't you proud

    i know i'm not a good kid.. but could you at least FAKE you are proud of me
    at least ONCE

    its already painfull to think i'm only a waste of money and time.. please stop remember it to me
    its not that i asked to be here
  2. janie

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    Get him/her to try and do anatomy and then complain about your score.

    Congrats for not failing anatomy LSD its pretty miraculous considering the stuff that would've been so distracting for you.

    Don't give up