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Do you know if this is related to Hyperacusis?

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I researched Hyperacusis, which is sensitivity to sounds. For a year or two now I have been really sensitive to a lot of noises such as chewing anything, sniffling, gulping, tapping feet or fingers and many, many more. When I hear these noises I cannot stand it and I have to plug my ears or something or I go absolutely crazy and sometimes cry. And I'm usually in class so I can't leave.

But another thing I am sensitive to is movement. Whenever I see someone chewing, tapping their feet or fingers, scratching their face, swinging their legs and a lot more things I go crazy, it's just like I am with the noises. I have to close my eyes, and when I'm at school doing my work or taking my test I cannot do that so I usually do not do very well on the test.

Is my eye sensitivity related to Hyperacusis? Could someone please help?

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YES it could very much be the same thing i would definetly bring this up to your doctor who can prescribe you some meds to help decrease this effect or if you are on meds maybe get them increase a bit okay talk to your doctor hugs


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I have a cure! Of sorts. Self-hypnosis allows you to completely remove sounds from your consciousness so you can't even tell if they're there. I have never personally tried this, but supposedly it can also be used to remove sights from your consciousness. You can also reduce your distress about it. Self-hypnosis has really relieved a lot of stress due to hyperacusis for me.

If you're interested, PM me with your email address and I'll send you a self-hypnosis file and instructions on how to use it.

Also, "hypersensitivity" covers both of those problems. It's commonly associated with autistic spectrum disorders, and if that is the case then Abilify may be able to help (maybe other drugs can too but I've never encountered them); it's also possible to be almost neurotypical while still having high functioning autism, so you won't necessarily know you've got it.


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Hi Lala :) im glad that you found what was causing your problem! It is highly possible that the eye and ear sensitivity are connected as others have also said because its kinda connected to the same part of your brain. I hope you find some kind of treatment for your condition as i can only imagine how distressing it must be to feel like that constantly !
much love sarah xx
Thank you everyone. :) My mom is making me an appointment with an ear doctor which is who you are supposed to go to for Hyperacusis so I will mention my eyes as well and see if they are connected.
And Sarah thank you very much for previously informing me about Hyperacusis. :) It was a lot of help!
aoeu, thank you for your help as well. :) I have at times thought that I might have autism but I was never sure and I think I would be too embarrassed to talk to my mom about it.
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