do you lackself worth?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Saved76, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. Saved76

    Saved76 New Member

    Hello,i am just visiting this site,just wanted to read peoples struggles.I identified with most of them.As a child growing up i had no maternal affection from my mother,my father was sexually abusing me,even the baby sitter was ddoing indecent things to me.At school i was bullied,even teachers did not like me.I could not understand why people hated me,i had a good heart.I searched for love and acceptance,i married and had a baby,even this did not fill that gap,in 1990,i reached out to the impossible,i prayed a prayer,not expecting anything to happen,i said God if you are real show me.friends he did,i have never looked back.Now i know who i am he loves me with an everlasting love,you will never feel insignificant again,his love is will never ever care what people think about you again,He has changed my life.If you would like to know the father personally,please ask me and i will tell you how he revealed his self to will never be the same again.Please dont fob it off,i was suicidal,my 31 year old brother gased himself in his car,God gave me a poem when chris died telling me god understands, and is there waiting to heal us if we would just reach out and ask him,my aim is to lead you to your heavenly father,who is waiting to tell you how much you are worth.Please get in touch ask me any question.God bless and i love and care for you all xxx
  2. Moon_Penguin

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    i hate to hear what you have been through in your past and am very glad you have found away around these feelings and have a happy life now :)
  3. Dave_N

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    Hi Saved. I'm really glad to hear that God was able to help you overcome such a traumatic childhood. I also believe that a strong faith in God and in yourself is necessary to overcome depression and suicidal thoughts. I'm curious as to how God revealed himself to you? Many people are searching for God and feel that God has abandoned them. How does one show people that God is real?
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