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Do you like the UK?

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I was thinking about studying abroad and I know a lot of people on here are from there. I have heard a lot of good things about studying abroad and the UK seems like a good idea because I would know the language. I don't know why but I have always wanted to go there. I would like to get to know another culture too. Is it a nice place to live?


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In the main yes it is. Of course we have areas that are nicer than others (like all places). How about applying to Aberystwyth Uni..Aber is a lovely place and the people are really nice.


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I went around Scotland some years ago. (I have roots from Scotland on my dads side.)

Anyway I found it very beautiful and vibrant. And they really take to heart that breakfast is the most important meal of the day :)* We lived a few days in a house on a green hill. Loots of sheep running around outside. Our house overlook´t a little village and it was really idyllic. And all the lights on night time :smile:

I had a lot of fun when I visited but I have no idea what it would be like to live there for a longer time.


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the part of scotland that makes me think scotland is kilts, haggis, bagpipes and alcohol fuelled aggression

but thats pretty much all of uk inclusive

im so glad that that crowd isn't me


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I love my country and am proud to be british,i agree theres places that arent to nice but you get that every where,we have a history to be proud of .


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Like any country it has places which are pretty grim but it has plenty of great places too. Wouldn't want to live anywhere else although I do like to visit other countries. Some really beautiful places here, great music and arts, history in abundance and up north the best football (soccer to you from the States) teams in the world. Overall it's a pretty good place to live.:smile:


I love my country and am proud to be british,i agree theres places that arent to nice but you get that every where,we have a history to be proud of .
We may have a history to be proud of but we certainly don't have a future we could be proud of! The UK is now Europes "dustbin"! We accept anybody and everybody because the powers that be are so shit scared to so no to anyone for fear of being called racist!:mad:

I would leave the UK in a flash if my wife would leave!!:sad:


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Do you have any ideals? (night life, countryside,seaside,cost of living etc)

Uk cities are very very diverse in culture and architecture etc.

Bath for instance could not be more different from Birmingham and you could barely rent a room in a half decent area of north London for the same money as you could rent a nice 1 bed flat in say Newcastle.

Give us some ideals, if any, and perhaps us brits could pin one down for you?


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to be honest, the UK isn't all that great. i mean, we get excited about going to america, but you know it's only certain places in america. it's just the same...
there are the good places which are usually considered "posh", (certain parts of london, kent, cumbria, manchester, hartfordshire, surrey, cambridgeshire...etc) and there are the bad places (certain parts of leeds, debtford, birmingham, liverpool, west yorkshire, newcastle...etc)
but even the bad places have good parts.
so it's worth a try :biggrin:
and if you don't like it here, you can always go back home ... at least you'll have an experience ay :smile:
I've never been to the UK but I would like to go. I have some UK chat buddies on another forum and they're all cool. I don't know if I'd like to live there or not because I like living in the US pretty well.


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I love the UK because of it's multicultural diversity and the fact that the UK has equal rights for everyone no matter their beliefs or lifestyle, unless of course it actually puts peoples lives at risk. I'm worried though that the UK will go down the horrible route of nationalism, because of stupid people that think, that just because they were lucky enough to be born in Britain that they are entitled to all British benefits and no else is, I hate the way the world is divided up, the way that most countries fight for the same thing yet at the same time fight each other for it. I wish i was born several thousands of years in the future, where we are referred to as one race, one nationality and that would be Humanity.

Just to point out, Britain certainly does not have a history to be proud of, just because we helped in past 2 world wars and get stuck in to making the world a better place doesn't make up for what we have done long before that, we still have alot of work to do before we can make up for it.


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Never been to the UK, but would like to travel there, especially to meet one of my best friends. c: I also adore the accent, and men, haha.
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