Do you like your current job?

Discussion in 'Strategies for Success' started by Petal, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    I currently don't work as I am a college student, but I am curious as to what people's job are and if they like them? Feel free to discuss your work, your work mates, your job here!!
  2. Northern

    Northern SF Supporter

    I love my job. It's the one thing that make being me bearable (along with my parents).

    It a good mix of physical and intellectual work and the pay is nice.
  3. DatAlgorithm

    DatAlgorithm Well-Known Member

    fun fact: I've never liked any job I ever had; I currently work as a karaoke host and I suck at that because I'm really unpopular and hated amongst most people and terrible with a soundboard no matter how hard I try (amongst all the other shit I'm bad at) but I love to sing a lot, and I'm a janitor at a bowling alley which I also suck at since even at my fastest I'm to slow. In my work history, I had jobs I hated less than others and some had redeeming factors from time-to-time (such as sometimes having cool co-workers, fringe benefits, lack of supervision depending on the hours worked etc.) Same with whatever time I spent in school; I hated every single grade and every single class I've ever taken... college or otherwise. Was always a mediocre student at best. Anything of value I learned I had to teach myself and this was almost always outside the classroom/workplace.

    Yeah, I'm a bit of a contrarian and a maverick lol
  4. I do actually like the job I have now. Compared to factory work which drives me insane, cleaning kind of brings its own peace of mind. And being on night shift doesn't hurt.
  5. Adjunct Soul

    Adjunct Soul Member

    teaching - great. Adjunct position - sucky. No security, benefits, and 10% of pay for same work as tenured faculty. Really do love teaching though. Having that 3 hours or so a day leading discussions and empowering students is really energizing. Hopefully when the PhD is wrapped up, there will be full time work available somewhere.
  6. AnotherChristian

    AnotherChristian Active Member

    I hear that!
  7. Cariad_Bach

    Cariad_Bach Staff Alumni

    No. I hate it. Fake light, fake air, fake smiles. It's poisoning me.
  8. oval

    oval Well-Known Member

    I honestly love what I do. but i have to perform at such a high capacity that it gets really stressful. Its a shame, because its a genuine passion. Yet, I know it isn't want I want to do for the rest of my life, which is why I'm in school. I can always do it on the side
  9. LastCall7

    LastCall7 Banned Member

    Can't figure out how to quote just yet, but I'd say what DatAlgorithm and Cariad Bach said pretty much sums it up.
  10. Freya

    Freya Loves SF Staff Member ADMIN SF Author

    I am not sure I like it - I like the majority of the people and I definitely like having something to do and some structure to my life. As for the job? I have done worse. I have done better. I wouldn't say I have any particular passion for it but the money is good and I guess its up to me to figure out the passion aspect.
  11. SillyOldBear

    SillyOldBear Teddy Bear Fanatic Staff Alumni

    I'm just damn grateful to have a job; any job.
  12. Twinkle ☆ Twinkle

    Twinkle ☆ Twinkle Well-Known Member

    I got a job at an elementary school and I really enjoy it :) I think it's the most positive thing in my life right now.
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  13. Striking

    Striking Well-Known Member

    My job is painfully dull but it is in the nonprofit industry helping the community and that makes all the difference.
  14. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    I quit college and now I am volunteering (which I love), it's an amazing feeling to feel you have helped someone worse off. So yeah, I do like volunteering. The girls I work with are so nice and lovely too which makes things easier.
  15. normaljoe

    normaljoe Well-Known Member

    I am currently a full time student and i work per diem in a psych hospital, irony..... I do enjoy my work when the ppl actually do need help and get it. I liked my previous hospital more because i got to work with adolescents and this one has more addicts which can be frustrating. I feel like i am helping. I also am responsible for operating a crisis hotline ironically enough. Its amazing to hear someone say that they feel better after talking to you. That you helped bring them back from the edge.
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  16. Purple_Thorn

    Purple_Thorn Well-Known Member

    I'm switching the university I'm going to so currently my job is daughter. I also do some tutoring and have some interviews for part time positions soon. Hopefully I'll get back to school and get my degree!
  17. neko-chan

    neko-chan Well-Known Member

    i hate my job.. i'd prefer not to say it.. but my jobs mostly the reason why i'm frequently having suicidal thoughts.. it usually triggers lots of sad thoughts.. if i could find a good-paying job like the current one i have.. i'd quit my job..
  18. Purple_Thorn

    Purple_Thorn Well-Known Member

    I just got two new jobs and while they aren't the best, I really like then. A janitorial job and a sitting doing nothing job. Great mixture, gets me out of the house, yay!
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  19. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    That's so funny. I am the same way. When I have mentioned this to people in the past they are always surprised. That is usually the most stressful part of a person's life. But my job is the one thing that helped me most in getting out of my depression. I've learned so much from the job I have.

    What's the "sitting doing nothing" job I want that lol.
  20. suzi

    suzi Well-Known Member

    No job. Disability check. Useless human being. Hopeless. Piece of trash. Unemployable. No talent, no skill. Not smart enough to learn.

    About 13 years ago,, i was fired from a volunteer job. I was willing to do whatever they wanted for free, and they wanted me to GO AWAY. Try to imagine what that would do to your already low self esteem.