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Do you need to get help but don't because you want to fix your problems yourself?

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I feel absolutely useless and stuck right now, but I refuse to let anyone help me because I feel I should have to do it myself. I've gotten myself out of depression before, so I'm sure I can do it again (even if it means I have to kill myself). Is there anyone else who thinks this way? I'm sure there is.


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people say that in the end you have to want to help yourself to get better. I really couldn't be fucked. I decided I was gonna off myself a long time ago. i dont have any intention on actually living for an extended period. i never asked to be born, i dont no why anyone would want to be >:|

i dont like it when people try to help because most of the time they seem to think they can fix it and everything will go away and all will be fine and dandy. if only, lol.

Mr Stewart

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Yes. I've been doing that for 15 years. It's not just that I insist on dealing in silence with my own problems, it's also that I have a history of denying that a problem exists even though it very clearly does, and severe anxiety about speaking with another person (even a doctor bound to confidentiality) about it.

Last month I finally admitted to myself that doing it solo isn't working. I still haven't got around to making the call though. :unsure:


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my whole life i have been told that asking for help is the mature thing to do and is good for you. over the years i have come to the conclusion that this is BS. for me any way. seems like every time i ask for help people either make assumptions that don't help, or they flat out ignore/insult me for no reason. this seems to be in all aspects of life just not just mental. maybe i am just asking for too much or the wrong people but good god a little bit of help would be nice. very demoralizing to have a large task to preform and no one can or will help you. no wonder suicide and homicide seem attractive.
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