Do you re-read what you write before posting?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Kaish, Jun 6, 2011.


Do you re-read what you write before posting?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Sometimes

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  1. Kaish

    Kaish Well-Known Member

    So I'm curious to know how many people re-read their writing before posting, and how it works for them. I always re-read and I'm starting to think I become too attached to my writing in the sense that I criticize it to death, and then feel rejected if no one replies. So I'm just curious in knowing if anyone else has anxiety before clicking the "Submit" button, and if not, what works for you?
  2. Illusion

    Illusion Well-Known Member

    Yes. Most of the time I spend awhile re-reading what I type before clicking "submit". I try thinking in my head about the replies I may get & try to prevent bad ones from happening by editing what I previously typed.
  3. Stripe

    Stripe Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I always do. Partly because I have crappy spelling and partly because I always check what I have said to make sure it makes sence and that I am not going to needlessly annoy someone.
  4. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    yes check it again and again and then never satisfied with it..
    takes me ages to reply to a post and usualy timed out before I submit!
  5. the masked depressant

    the masked depressant Well-Known Member

    i do sometimes.

    it depends what i am writing about at the time
  6. soonerorlater

    soonerorlater Member

    No, I never do. I had a professor tell me that I should never go back and re-read my writing at the end of one semester I had had with him. He went on to explain that after reading my origional and rewrites, the origional versions had more emotion and whatever to them. I guess I just took his word for it (much to the annoyance of future professors)
  7. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    No, and then I almost always end up editing.
  8. Growing Pains

    Growing Pains Well-Known Member

    Yes, all the time. Not to find spelling errors or even grammar errors, but because I worry what other people will think when they read it. (Also, I, too, worry that no one will reply) It's a habit I've never been able to break. Sometimes up to 20 minutes will go by before I hit the Submit button if I'm starting a topic myself. For replies to other threads, I spend at least 5 minutes rereading. I find what helps (to get me to finally post it if it's a thread I'm starting myself) is closing my eyes and just hitting "Submit". Then, I don't look at the thread again until someone has replied.
  9. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    sometimes, just to spell check.
  10. SomeGirl

    SomeGirl Well-Known Member

    I've noticed people take you less seriously when your spelling and punctuation is poor. Even when it's completely understandable, which is unfair and sucks. So yeah, I always re-read before posting. Especially since I often leave a word out or put the same word twice (embarrassing).
  11. ConfusedSilence

    ConfusedSilence Well-Known Member

    Yes. I always re-read them because I lecture my little brother on good grammar, so I don't want to be a hypocrite. I also think that it makes me seem less juvenile.

    I don't post many threads because if I don't get any replies then I usually feel worse.
  12. Caster

    Caster Well-Known Member

    I always re-read what I write just out of habit and because if I'm really into what I'm writing it's easy for me to make typos.
  13. perry_mason

    perry_mason Well-Known Member


    try to 99% of the time if im making importatnt reply to someone.
    never bother if its anunimportant threat ie whats your favorite band etc

    also varies between the 2 above and depend s on how drunk i am!
  14. gakky1

    gakky1 Well-Known Member

    I re-read almost eveytime, not really for the content but just to check spelling and such. Sort of like the old adage 'do unto others as you would do unto them', when I read posts I like it so much better when it's written correctly and is easy to read and understand:yay: so I try to do the same for others...should do it more for the content which is usually on the loopy side.:rolleyes:
  15. Mr Stewart

    Mr Stewart Well-Known Member

    Always. I have to. See, I have a problem with lying. I have a habit of lying about things even when it makes no difference and the lie changes nothing in the story. For example, maybe I'm talking about what I had for breakfast and I'll say I had eggs when I really only had toast. It started as a way to cover my problems and give off the appearance of being normal, eventually it got out of control.

    I promised myself never to lie on this forum. I read over each post multiple times to make sure I stick to that.
  16. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    I reread sometimes to do spell check on it..Most of the time no I don't..
  17. nolonger

    nolonger Well-Known Member

    it depends how long my post is. if i(for some reason) decide to blab my whole fuckin life story, i dont bother checking really. but if its small i will.
  18. Kaish

    Kaish Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies everyone! :)

    So I guess it is normal to re-read before posting. I actually have been doing better today. I seem to be able to re-read once, be happy, and then post. I hope this keeps up!
  19. Axiom

    Axiom Account Closed

    I think I used to, but I stopped because I just want to dump it out, regardless if it doesn't make sense.
  20. WildCherry

    WildCherry ADMIN

    I always do, not so much for content, but for spelling and punctuation.
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