Do you sometimes get tired of competition?

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    Hello, everyone. If you think deeply about life, so many things in life are pretty much competition, especially in capitalist countries. On a national level, each country strives to be the best both economically and militarily. On people's level, we each strive to have as many rewards as possible on a limited resource. Each one of us has been competing each other from getting better grades in school, getting into better college, getting a better-paying job to getting that promotion to top position.
    I understand there is no room for improvement if we don't compete. Certainly we wouldn't be living in technologically advanced society today if we never competed.
    But looking at today's ultra-competitive society, do you sometimes get so tired of competing day in day out? How do you deal with it so it doesn't affect your already depressed state?
  2. plates

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    I'm not in it, never want to be, and I'm much happier out of it.
  3. Prinnctopher's Belt

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    Part of being in the competition is being in the game, and earning the reward of winning! But since I'm not winning and probably never will, no, I don't like being in the game and would prefer to just be in the parking lot. But I still think competing overall is good.
  4. poison

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    people who lack confidence will fear competition. i know this because i hate competition and it's all because i have little self-confidence. sure, competition brings some cons but the pros it has far outweigh them as far as i can see.

    OT, i'm sick of competition. it's pathetic how much being successful and doing well is glorified, especially in the USA. putting in effort is no longer applauded unless you succeed.
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    It can take a hell of a lot of courage and confidence to say no thanks, I can think for myself, and I'm going to make informed decisions for myself, and I have a strong value system that will conflict with what is out there- when there's so much pressure around you.

    I'm very competitive- and presently, my 'game' is health and wellness in the situation I am in. When I was forced to play games I was very "successful"- did it make me happy? No, because according to my standards, I was not making any worthwhile work a lot of the time, I was living a meaningless life with others, and I was severely, chronically depressed. The people who don't do this or try not to (everyone is in it whether they like it or not) are considered successful by the people who can understand their language and message, and because they have passion for life, rather than game-playing, and don't aspire to the dumbed-down standard of 'success,' and what is considered successful.

    So I suppose what I'm saying is: my expectations and what I'm aiming for (and where I consider I am right at the moment, because I can see how much I've healed in the last 2-3 yrs), is way higher than the people around me.
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  6. SAVE_ME

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    I am tired of it. I'm a "perfectionist". These days I've lost all my motivation for the things I used to enjoy. I used to enjoy them simply because they were fun things to do to occupy my time but then someone would always come along and turn it into some stupid competition. As a result, I never finish anything I start these days because I can never feel like it's "perfect enough" by society's standards so I just give up.

    Even video games have been ruined for me thanks to the competitive nature of online gaming (*awaits hate from hardcore gamers*). I used to play games just for the heck of it, to pass the time and because they were fun. Then XBox Live came along and you get the hardcore gamers on there who insult you because of your sh**** gamerscore and lack of achievements, and call you names just because you don't have hours to invest into playing video games every day like they seem to have. It's like if you're not perfection then you're a "n00b" by default (HATE that word btw but I see it used a lot against outsiders to those close knit, cliquish communities).

    I think that this is also the reason why people are so difficult to please these days when it comes to games, movies and music. It's like we've been spoiled to the bone that much, that anything new which comes out is almost immediately universally panned by critics because it fails to beat the impossibly high standards set by its predecessor.

    This is also the reason why I don't (and probably never will) have a job...because you have to compete against all these other applicants, some far more qualified than you are. Sadly, I've just come to the conclusion that it's tedious even trying.

    I hate this rat race. I wish there were some way I could just bow out of it and go back to doing things just because they make me happy. But as poison said, people are no longer applauded unless they succeed. There's no medal for simply taking part. It all comes down to the need for praise for one's accomplishments. Someone who is completely confident in their own abilities and doesn't care what anybody else thinks can easily and quite happily sit on the sidelines instead of playing this daunting game.

    Unfortunately, it's within our nature as animals, it's embedded deep into our very fabric - "Survival of the fittest".
  7. Dave_N

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    Hi Hank, how are you doing these days? With regards to competition. I actually like having some healthy competition in my daily life because it keeps me performing at my best level. I agree that the world has become an ultra-competitive world and people who are not naturally inclined to compete will find the world difficult to live in. Competition is good when it keeps you at the top of your game, but bad when it causes you to become depressed.