Do you think he ever looked back?

Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by GiveMeWings, Jan 22, 2010.

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    Do you think he ever looked back to all he did and thought that it was a terrible mistake? Do you think he felt any remorse?

    I only realized what he had done to me years later. It was too late. I just remembered the pain, then I started having dreams that made me recall it.

    I don't understand. Why is someone capable of doing something like this? Didn't he feel he was doing something completely wrong, something cruel?
    Didn't he ever look back to what he did and wished he could turn back time to fix it? How could he be so...emotionless?

    I swear this man made my childhood dreams turn into nightmares. I never clearly understood what he did and why he did, but as I grew older I fully understood it.

    And these days, I recalled all of it. And now I'm scared of being touched. I'm filled with disgust and it's all his fault. I really wish sometime he looks back to what he did and curse himself endlessly. And that's another reason why I want nothing to do with life and the pain it brings.
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    Hey no he is not capable of emotions of feelings He is a psychopath likely
    You did nothing wrong he on the other hand needs to be locked up for others saftey. I hope you are getting therapy from a psychologist that deals with Ptsd Therapy is helping me please consider it Know alot of us understand and hope you can reach out and get some healing started and some peace
  3. DS

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    I am sooo sorry this happened.

    I understand the questions...the asking. my heart goes out to you.

    Remorse? Unlikely...if one can do this, likely they didn't look back.

    mmm that cold chill hits me again.

    i hope you find a way to feel safe.
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