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Do you think it hurts ?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by The3rdDoorOftheMind, Apr 20, 2014.

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  1. The3rdDoorOftheMind

    The3rdDoorOftheMind New Member

    Dying I mean. You hear it hurts a lot like people are trying to discourage it but I mean if life is so painful if you have to live knowing what i do maybes it's not so bad ? I'm a no body a worthless f*g who's own family hates him and the worst part is I don't care. Why would I want the love of a fu*king old man who's the biggest coward in the world. A fu*king b*tch of a mother who shields her favorite child and then throws the rest away or a sister who's just a pity worthless victim who's happy just sitting there ? I've tried so hard to make it work but I'm nothing I'm nothing nothing nothing. I can't even think of what I am anymore. I hate my guts I just want them out of me I want them spilled out on the floor where I belong I shouldn't be alive I'm the mistake I'm a mistake no one wanted me no one wants mez it can't hurt as much as this I mean it's just a <Mod Edit, WildCherry: Methods>? The walls are closeting in on me my family wants me gonna I want to be gonna I hate my sister for being raped isn't that horrible I hate her because she gets all the love she gets everything and I'm thrown away like aways the trash I don't even deserve that I'm nothing why can't i do it. I want it I want it more then anything in my whole life I need to end it now I can't make I can't make to 20 I'm nothing fag fuck filth flith flith flith !!!! I hate them I hate them I hate myself I hate everything I need to go away I need to go I need it I need it I need it !!!!!! I don't know if I want it to hurt. I mean I need to be punished I'm worthless and I need to pay for it I need to know that god really hates me and his not just toying with me like a puppet on a string but at the same time I'm scared I'm so scared I'm scared if I feel anymore pain I won't be able to feel anything else what if that's all there is for me is pain what if ending it doesn't even matter what it I'm still in pain ? Do you think it hurts ?
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  2. sweetles

    sweetles Well-Known Member

    no, i don't think it hurts. or at least, not unless you let it. also, stop worrying about god...he/she/it doesn't exist. we're all just out here on our own.
  3. BlueSky

    BlueSky Member

    Physically, dying may hurt or it may not. No one really knows. But do you really want to give up? When things get hard, do you want to just quit? Everyone experiences challenges in life (some more severe than others), but when we persevere through those challenges, it means we have truly lived a meaningful life. It may seem impossible now, but life does get better. If you're in a bad family situation, you save up your money and one day, you leave. And you never look back. Instead, you look ahead, because the best part of your life is yet to come.
    And don't think that you are alone or unwanted, because there are people out there who truly do care.
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