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Do you think life exists elsewhere in the universe?

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Mr Stewart

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Of course. But I also know that space is very big even if you find a way to zip around at something approaching light speed; that interstellar field trips are not especially plausible unless we're talking space ark multi-generation type of voyages for this reason.

Flying Fox

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Yeah, I think it is definitely possible. Life started simply under the right conditions on Earth, and there's countless planets in the universe; there is bound to be life out there, whether it is complex or simple, or wildly different from what surrounds us.

Growing Pains

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I think it's possible, yes. Maybe they're even intelligent in the sense that humans are. Heck, maybe they're wondering at this very moment if there's life out there, as well. The universe is pretty big. I think it'd be odd to say that it's completely impossible - knowing how big the universe is.

There could very well be at least one other planet somewhere out there that had "the right conditions".


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must do really, the universe is so incredibly big, just look at the images from hubble deep field pictures.

Thousands of galaxies out there, got to be life somewhere, probability alone suggests.
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