Do you think you will use again?

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by boo, Aug 24, 2010.


do you think you will use again?

  1. No my life is good right now.

    5 vote(s)
  2. I don't know.

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  3. I hope not.

    9 vote(s)
  4. Yes, i'm a addict.

    25 vote(s)
  5. Others. (please specify)

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  1. boo

    boo Well-Known Member

    So i have a cough medecine addiction, i've been doing it since 18 or so. You would wonder why woudn't i just go out and buy pot, i could but i won't. Pot is different to me. It makes me paranoid. And it's a pain in the ass to get some. I know where to go, who to talk too, but it's just i hate having to go so far.
    Anyway, i know i should stop. I mean it's not physically addictive like heroin, so i can quit cold turkey right? But I am mentally quite addicted to it. VERY addicted. I used to pawn stuff to get my fix such as my tv, game console, even my iphone. It's pathetic.

    I only need few things and yes that caugh syrup is one of them to be happy. I feel normal when i have it. I dont have memories hacking me to death. and when i dont have it i feel life....the pain and everything.

    Anyway, Do you think you will use again? (doesn't matter what substance)
  2. TJ

    TJ Staff Alumni

    well im an addict but im in recovery now , i voted on i hope not cos i cant say for sure that i wont ever pick up but Just for today im clean , i attend NA on a regular basis and its been working for me so far ive been clean 9 months tomorrow actually . (27th)
  3. immadeofrainbow

    immadeofrainbow Well-Known Member

    I'd been clean for about seven months, but about five weeks ago I was in a really bad way and called up an old friend, we drank and smoked rocks, and have been quite frequently since,it's burning holes in my pocket and I hate it. It's pathetic and an insult to my willpower, i'm gonan quit some day soon now
  4. Charlie Milles

    Charlie Milles Well-Known Member

    I'd bet a lot of money on it, yes.
  5. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    There's no way I'm going the whole rest of my life without alcohol... But I might be able to not abuse it.
  6. gakky1

    gakky1 Well-Known Member

    Probably will drink again,:poo: I'm an alcoholic, quit about 2 years ago, really have had no real urges until as of late. Whole life has sort of crashed down, getting so bored staying home about 23 hours a day,:robin: that will has been slowly evaporating.
  7. Amanda

    Amanda Well-Known Member

    Yes I am sure that I will use again.
  8. Montage

    Montage Well-Known Member

    I have been free of addition for 8 months now! I was the worse or the worste! And never thought I would ever be able to say Im clean... But by GOd's grace and strength I was able to do be clean this long. I never want to use again! Praise God!
  9. Landlocked blues

    Landlocked blues Well-Known Member

    A lot of people here have been clean for some amount of time. Im still using. I cant say im a full on addict as im not pawning stuff to get my fix or anything but If ive gone 3 or 4 days without coke, i get agitated. Very agitated actually. So maybe i shouldnt be posting on this thread as im not an addict but, yeah i dunno, there it is.
  10. No_Life

    No_Life Well-Known Member

    i dont fit into any of those categories, i do use, mainly large amounts of alcohol (like most teenagers my age), also, weed, solvents, very occasionally heavier stuff, and i will continue to do so, but im not addicted to anything yet as i dont have the money to buy enough to get addicted. being high or drunk takes the pain away until i sober up.
  11. LDA

    LDA Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'm an addict, more so than ever.
  12. discordia

    discordia New Member

    Yes and stupidly enough i think at moment that saves me every time i think of my finally departure is only time i use and by time i return to earth i normally feel a little better ( humm do you think that would work in court as my defence ??? )
  13. stig

    stig Well-Known Member

    i will never use pot, coke, speed again. i will however continue to use alcohol. i'm trying to regulate my usage but can't sometimes. it is a bit of a shit really. i drink because i'm down, then i get down because of the drink. a nasty spiral really. it has cost me 2 relationships with girls i really loved. i just can't face life without a drink.
  14. Ringo

    Ringo Well-Known Member

    Definitely. I can't stay completely sober. Just hope I don't let it get out of control like I have in the past.
  15. hollowvoice

    hollowvoice Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    im pathetic i gave up alcohol and used pain killers as my on my **th today
  16. 41021

    41021 Banned Member

    gawd i'm so sorry andi but i surely relate.

    Been doing the same with a a liquid and pill version since yesterday :sad:
    It's barely morning...but couldn't do it without...
    Have real pain, but it doesn't require the dose i'm taking.

    would be so easy... ugh
  17. hollowvoice

    hollowvoice Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    thanks kali,if you find the dose that takes the real pain away PMit to me and ill do the same for you :console:
  18. 41021

    41021 Banned Member

    I tried really hard to find that yesterday...
    to no avail.
    non stop tears, they never left


    ***trembling*** and the images...they won't leave my head :no:
  19. hollowvoice

    hollowvoice Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    im sorry youre not feeling any better today
    between us two weve probably cried the river today
    shame we cant press a delete button on certain aspects of life ,to leave happy thoughts,but come to that i aint got too many of them
  20. km13

    km13 New Member

    I was a heroin and crack addict for 8 years of my life it lost me my 2 children and my family had all given up on me. I got clean but then came into some money and was at the worst i've ever been but since have been clean for 4 years and have twin boys aged 2 and a lovely house and qualifications. The worst part is i still think about doing it even though i know i'd lose everything but i really believe i'm strong enough now to not go back.
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