Do you think your body "knows" when you are about to hurt yourself?

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by lizzyqwerty, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. lizzyqwerty

    lizzyqwerty Active Member

    I am trying to explain this, what I am trying to say.
    Today at work another employee saw scars on my arm and asked me what happened, she kind of inferred that it happened by my rats, (since I talk about my pet rats), so I was like explaining how I get rashes by them (which they are not the case of the rashes, but I do get rashes from them, but they go away in a matter of hours) anyway. She then said, "they look like they hurt!" (talking about the scars)

    It got me thinking.. like, self harm doesn't hurt me most of the time. The feelings emotionally are what hurt me. It got me thinking, like, does my body know that hurting myself is coming and it gets prepared or something, which is why it doesn't hurt? Like I know in an emotional state sometimes you get numb and don't sense much cause you are like detached from yourself or something, but is your body aware of it, and can sense that it's about to happen, and get prepared or something?

    I hope I explained that well :redface:
  2. josielovely

    josielovely Member

    I have found that when I am just about to cut my heart races, I breathe faster, and I almost feel like there is a surge of adrenaline. It wont go away until I cut. To me its almost like the climax and as soon as I cut my breathing slows, my heart slows, and then I feel the sting.
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