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Do you think...?

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Do you think there is a place on here for people with complex and complicated mental health problems (including maybe 'odd' or 'misunderstood' behaviour)?

Or is it a place primarily for those with overwhelming life circumstances, or/and those with more 'standard' (but no less debilitating) mental health problems, such as depression?

I know that the site as a whole is available for all and is not discrimminatory, but I just wondered what each persons personal opinion was?

(Also, because I've done this anonymous, I won't be able to respond further down the thread if I wish to remain anonymous, so given I want to stay unknown, I won't be able to reply to anything else, so bear that in mind :) )


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I dont think anyone will have a problem- lots of us are 'odd'/insane/different.
we can all be different together :-P
hope your okay
i think it's a place for all. i have two mental illnesses and a whole lot of childhood trauma. it's pretty complicated. i've felt very welcome here.

that said, i have a good support network outside of this site. a psychiatrist, a therapist i see twice a week, and good friends. i go into the hospital when i need to.

i guess my only other caveat would be for the rarer stuff you might find you need to educate people about your illness. you can't assume that they know anything.
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