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Do You Wander Around the Forum at Night?

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Its strange, those who know me know I spend most of my days in chat.

I say goodnight and two hours later I am here wandering through the forums.

I am not sure what I am looking for. Sometimes a post will touch me and I will respond, but there seems to be much more i am looking for.

NOW that makes a lot of sense doesn't it?

I completely understand this one but can't completely explain!

Its comforting in some wierd way I think. Its a type of searching and hoping for answers, thing too for me.

:hug: You are def not alone with this.


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I totally agree! I began to wonder if I was begining to form some sort of addiction to this lol. When I have a really bad day, like today, I find some sort of comfort in reading other's posts because it let's me know I am not alone. Sometimes I offer advice or words of encouragement, and other times I take advice from the responses I read. I am so glad I found this forum:)


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hell yes I do! It's 1 AM now and cant bring myself to go to sleep. Which is gonna suck tomorrow cause i have marching band at 11. I am not a fan of marching band.


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Wandering, sometimes to the point that it seems all the voices mingle and speak of a common humanity where we share in our pain. And it seems that in the end, to that pain the only answers are understanding and compassion. And I am not sure I make any sense here, so I keep looking for answers and walk with the rest of the herd. Angie, thanks for sharing your thoughts and Mo, thanks for the beautiful metaphor.
I find that sometimes when I cannot touch or be touched IRL, the comfort and wisdom here assures me that I 'exist' and can empathize with others here...I guess, I am truly a wandering Jew (and Buddhist, to be specific).
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