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    Do you avoid being in relationships because you feel you don’t deserve to be with someone?

    I do. One of the main reason I avoid dating is because I don’t think I deserve to be in a relationship. I’m attracted to nice, lovely ladies and I think nice, lovely ladies deserve to be in relationships with amazing men. Not only am I not amazing, I’m not even average. I don’t think I’m good enough to be in a relationship with a nice girl. As of right now, my misery mostly, only affects me…but if I was to be in a relationship, my own problems would begin to affect my sweetheart’s life.

    I’ve always dreamed of being the ultimate blessing in a lovely ladies life, not a burden. I could only allow myself to be in a relationship with a good, loving woman if I knew I had the capacity to provide her the emotional, financial, and physical comfort she needs and deserves. If I was to enter into a relationship without having the capacity to provide a lady the things she deserves, I would feel sooo terrible. I couldn’t be in a relationship unless I knew my presents was making her life much more enjoyable.

    I hope to some day overcome most of my mental and physical disorders…. but until that day comes, I don’t think I can allow myself to be in a relationship with a lovely lady. Most likely that day will never come and I will die alone, but I would rather do that then potentially impair the life of someone I care about by allowing myself to be in a relationship.

    Can anyone relate to these unusual thoughts or am I one of a kind?
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    When I was at University, I liked a girl and she liked me, but I thought she'd be better off with somebody else, because I honestly wanted what was best for her. Anyway I set her up with my best friend who I kind of idolised but he treated her like shit, so anyway she split up with him and went out with somebody else I knew who treated her even worse.

    Now I hope someone doesn't say something like "See, you should have gone out with her" because life's never that simple, so I guess I'd appreciate it if people don't respond to this post.
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    LOL Avoiding a relationship is not really an issue, I cant find one when Im trying.
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    Hmm... avoiding a relationship? Well, yes I've done that, but never because I didn't think I was good enough, I only avoid things like that if I know we don't have enough in common for it to work. If i had someone I loved who I thought deserved wonderful things in their life I would rise to meet my own expectations. It's natural to think those you love deserve the best. Only giving them away to someone else doesn't always guarantee that the other person will see it the same way. The best you can do for them is to try your very best for them. Even if you can't quite live up to your own expectations.
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    me..probably not, when i'm in a relationship i might feel like i deserve them, but i try to make them feel the most important person in my life