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Do You?

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This is to all of the people of this forum whom I know to some degree, or with whom I was very close. It is a short message.

I still care about all of you, even though all of you are giving me a difficult time right now, by being absent from my life.

All I want to know is if all of you still care about me?

Perhaps all of you are feeling much better, and believe that the forum is of no significance any longer.

Perhaps all of you have forgotten about me, since I have not communicated with all of you for a lengthy period of time, many, for months, many, for almost a year, and others, for years.

Perhaps all of you do not like me any more, or do not care about me in any way.

Why is it that when I send messages to all of you, all of you rarely reply to my messages?

What happened? Mayhap I am the person who is accountable for the dissolution of my friendship with all of you.

It hurts to think that no human being loves one.

Perchance every one of you will be reading this message, but will never reply to it.

Nevertheless all of your feelings, thoughts, views, or emotions about me, I will state this -- I will always care about all of you. After all, all of you were part of my family of companions, and I was even more close to all of you than I was to the majority of individuals whom I have known personally.

I appreciate all of you for being there for me, even if all of you are not there for me any more. I apologize for not being there for all of you when all of you needed me to be.

All of you know who you are.

To all of the other members who are caring and loving, please continue to be helpful, because it makes me realize that the world still have people on it who have outstanding positive attributes.

hey william,

i'm sure a lot of people here still care about you, i know i do.. well i care about everyone here, no matter what they originally think of me.

please don't worry about people not replying- i don't think it's anything to do with the fact they don't want to, but i think it's a mixture of being in diffrent time zones, so not everyone will come and see this. sometimes people will just come on to check for responses to there own threads- a lot of the time, a lot of us are hurting so we find it hard to say something caring or supportive, as we are wrapped up in our own little world

but we've not forgotten you- please keep posting


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I am sorry you are feeling this way, but know there are many of us who care...please know I am a PM away should you need to be reminded of that...big hugs, J


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I hope that some of your lost friends see this and reply. I think everyone here can relate to how members become like a special family.
I don't know you just signed up on the forum

but drop me a message

anytime buddy

I am open to help.

I have had suicidal thoughts in the past years but nothing serious.
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