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Do your animals make you smile?

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I have 3 cats that I love dearly and 2 horses. Without them I reckon i'd be miserable. They make me laugh when they do silly things, when I'm out with my horses they get me out in the fresh air and to have a bond with a huge animal like a horse is something special. Even today, out in the cold wet muddy paddock picking up poo.... I felt alive and happy!!!

What do your animals mean to you?? And do they make you happy?:dog::hamster::sheep2:


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I have a kitten and a bunny and they are awesome. they make me feel loved no matter what and always bring a smile to my face
How are they!!!!! They are either lounging around or burning around the house doing all crazy things.. I never was a cat person, but now people call me the crazy cat lady ;)


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I've always enjoyed a good cat petting. I love dogs, but all I have for a pet is my one cat named Yoda. If I were living on my own I would probably adopt or "rescue" a dog from my local MSPCA. But if I were to flash forward into the future in 40 years, then I would probably have no dogs and like 30 cats just so I could be known as the crazy cat lady (or man, in my case). :sax

Growing Pains

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I have one cat, and five dogs. And yes, they all are pretty good at making me smile. My Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the best at making me smile. She's been there for me through a lot. :) I honestly can't imagine a life without at least two dogs and at least one cat.

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Totally! Three kittens,Artemis Leo and Loki, three cats- vanilla, moonface n gingerbread, plus lots of random strays lol. A Rottweiler Seal and random birds. I love them so much, it's staggering. :) :cat: :cupid2: :dog: :beak: :wub:
I have three dogs of my own... and man do they keep me on my toes. It is a good thing they all require daily walks. On top of that, I work at a kennel, where I care for other peoples dogs. While they are generally not there for long, you get to know the animals that come back time and again... And then there are always the new dogs that are frightened, so you sit and comfort them, or the rambunctious new puppies to keep me happy :)


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I have 2 little dogs, a cat and a horse. The horse was on loan because I can't afford to buy one - not one under 20 anyway lol, anyway his owner contacted me today and said that as I've had him 2 years now and have looked after him well she is signing him over to me! I may not have the £4000 to buy him but she has seen how I have walked every day, and in winter twice a day a mile and a half each way to see to him, in snow, rain, ice a combination of all 3! She said that I deserve him because I'm so committed. Anyone that has money can go and buy a horse, but I've been given one because of all the right reasons. It has really improved my image of myself today!


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Yes. I love my two cats. One of them allways sleeps with me. She makes me at ease when I've got nightmares.
En during the day they do silly things that make me laugh.
I have a dog and she sleeps on the bed with me and my bf. She means the world to me cos if i didn't have her i don't think i woulde go out of the flat she gives me a reason to go out.
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