Doctor being an ass!!!! Just letting it allllll out!

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    So I had a great night chatting with lots of you last night, stayed awake all night, had a great time at work and then...... I went to the doctors(bear in mind my stomach was throbbing really bad, felt like someone was stabbing me, I simply asked the doctor for painkillers, showed her where the pain was. She examined me and told me my heart rate was extremely high. All week I've had the pain and was using leftover painkillers for it. (I am not addicted to painkillers. We had a massive row after she refused point blank to prescribe addictive painkillers (Tramadol) its what takes the pain away. I sort of lost my cool (severe pain makes me angry), I refused to leave until she gave me painkillers....,she told me she was banning me from the surgery, I said that's fine you're not helping me anyway. She sat there for 30 mins with arms crossed, so did I. She threatened to call 999, then she did but hung up. Then she came to the conclusion I was distressed and needed a an injection of midazolam. I was in so much pain and so tired,hurt,angry I gave in and apologized, she gave me a hug but told me if it happens again I will be banned from the surgery, at this state I was crying really bad, she gave me tissues, hugged me, told me I was very intelligent....we hugged again, and I said I'm sorry again and I left crying. I must have been in there for more than an hour. Oh and to avoid confusion I am on valium(addictive) but psych prescribes that which is why I get that. I think she's being completely unreasonable considering I was in a lot of pain.

    ....I worked today, for charity, I won't let her ruin my day I'm going to see what the consultant says tomorrow. Thinking positive..,onwards is the only way to move! Positive,positive,positive!
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    I'm very sorry to hear that. I hate when I get the impression that a doctor (non-psy) seems to give off the vibe that they're treating me differently as a patient--given my mental health history. For example, not prescribing a particular medication in fear of what I might do with it, etc. It's like, "For crying out loud! If I was really med-seeking this is the last place I'd be..." But, what is one to do? I think you did the best you could under the circumstances and I certainly may have flown a little further off the handle than you. But in the end I'm glad you got to kind of resolve your differences. Excellent title; I think that profoundly sums it up! :) congrats on the charity as well-
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    Thank you for understanding and your kind words. I am just home from the hospital. All the tests I've done have to be re-done because my cortisil levels are extremely low and have to get CT scan done, he mentioned chron's disease (sp?) is a possibility. I told him what happened with the G.P, he said he really can understand my frustration and they don't like to give painkillers out without a diagnosis, he gave me tablets, anti inflammatorys mixed with a steroid and said I will get an appointment again soon. I'm very very weak with pain everywhere, he said that could be due to the low cortisol levels, well at least I have medication now :) Thanks xx
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    Petal, I hate doctors. Because so many of them are asses. I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). It can cause a lot of pain in the abdomen. It really messes with your colon and bowel habits. Have your doctors considered it as a possibility for you? I asked for a painkiller for it from my doc. They refused. Said I had to change my diet first. You see, I am fat. Therefore I must not deserve a pain killer. I no longer see that doctor. Maybe you can find a new one too.
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    Hi hun, yeah lots of them are asses, have their airs and graces about them and of course are never wrong *rolls eyes* I was once told I had IBS, a few months later it was ruled out when the pain got extreme and I had recurrent kidney infections(literally at least 10 in a row) and was referred to a urologist. I'm under three different doctors now for various things. Tbh, I think they are guessing and pulling diagnosis out of their ass because they can't say they don't know. Although I have met many lovely doctors too and respect them, I respect everyone until the point I believe they are taking the piss. Anyway I have just taken these meds and hope these will help and wait for appointments. Oh and just to throw it out there, it makes no difference if you are private or not, it made no difference to me when they don't know what's wrong. Also- I am overweight but a lost a good bit of weight by healthy dieting recently. They have never commented on my weight.

    Thank you for your response and hope you get well soon hun :hug:
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    Sometimes we gotta be our own strongest advocate for getting ourselves healthy.

    Good you stood up for yourself and got some ball rolling to find out whats the deal is.

    Hope it gets resolved sooner than later sounds painful just hearing about it. Good luck
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    Thank you very much :hug: I was just with my G.P (busy day lol), and I actually forgot what I went to her for (I wanted anti d increased), anyway she said the very low cortisol can cause literally anything from anxiety,hallucinations,depression to collapsing, more prone to infections. So I asked the million dollar question, could my cortisol have been low for years thus causing the anxiety suicide attempts etc.. she said she does not know. Anyway, I'm just glad they've found something because I knew I was not well. Doctor also told me these meds should give me a big boost regarding my weakness and to take in the morning or they could keep me awake at night.
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