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Doctor finally helped!!!

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My gp was called out this morning by my partner as everyone knows i got a few issues .... my gp has given me what i wanted meds im now on medacation for 4 weeks to see if i get any better this is a plus in my life as i cnt seem to control my moods and depression. But theres one small thing i know they take a while to kick in but im still really depressed and i dnt know what 2 do. Im not the sort of person to bluff but i might end up drinking again tonight and that didnt end up very well. So even someone can just give me a bit of advice i would be greatfull.

cheers Tj


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I'm glad your doctor has finally helped you, now you need to give the meds a chance to work.
Alcohol is not a good mix with antidepressants, and is in itself a depressant so please try to avoid it.
Maybe you can enlist your partners help with this.

Take care Hazel


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im happy your on medication now and the doctor actually is helping out...and yeah anti depressants and alcohol are a real bad mix..my friend ended up in the hospital once man..dont do that tonight

anyway tell me how everything goes on msn
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