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Doctor left!! its ova

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When I didnt think things could get any worse... I went to drop in a letter to my doctor of my concerns of my condition to find out he no longer works there... like why didn't anyone let me know!!! I only semi trusted him and can't bring myself to see anyone else... my medical for my benefit is due....
I went to my appt with my social worker, I was really upset and everything I said she just sat there and went ahmmm ahmmm ahmmm so I stormed out... she said ok and yelled out as I left I'll sent you out another appt!!!!

It's all over..... everyone including my doctor has abandoned me!

We are here to help you hun. :hug:

I'm really sorry that no one told you about your dr. They really should have, as it is the professional thing to do.

As for your social worker... well i had a therapist like that once and it pissed me off. I understand why you left the office. Is there a way you could get a new one? She doesn't seem like much of a help for you and you deserve better than that.


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It's already been said but this is a place where you are not alone. I don't know who your doctor was or if he was understanding and a supportive listener, but in the short time I have been here, I notice there are many people that show those things. i may not be one to talk when I say this, but please don't feel that it's over. I know what it's like to feel alone but I would like to believe there is a small glimmer of hope somewhere. Sorry if this didn't make any sense.

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Im sorry your doctor left hun i wonder if was ill and had to leave. I do hope you search for a new councillor hun one that does not make light of your situation YOu deserve so much better then that. You can pm any of us hun we are here for you okay hugs


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Was your pdoc part of a clinic of doctors? If so, you should be able to quickly switch to another one... maybe one you will like better. If he worked alone, again, seek out another pdoc.


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Why don't you see if they have a female pdoc.. They seem to sympathise better than a male..You deserve the help so check into that..Your counselar probably didn't have much to say because she was in the dark.. They rely on the doctors reports..I'm not defending her, i'm just saying it could hsave been a bad day for both of you..
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