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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by notmyrealname, May 7, 2008.

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  1. notmyrealname

    notmyrealname Well-Known Member

    Wasn't entirely sure where to start this thread. It occurred to me today that I may be heading towards a "situation". Due to life circumstances I will be moving closer to family and have made the comment that I should get myself signed up with the doctor they use.
    What occurred to me was that, seeing as this will be a new doctor and I will be a new patient to him/her then a physical may take place. Such physicals I assume require the removal of your shirt. Except I'm cutting again, so that's going to be pretty damn apparent pretty quickly.
    If I ask the doctor not to tell anybody about the cuts, does he have to abide by that? Do I have to worry about him bringing in a 3rd party(family, therapists, whatever)?
  2. nedflanders

    nedflanders Well-Known Member

    If he decides you're a danger to yourself, then he can do what he likes. Don't trust him.
  3. notmyrealname

    notmyrealname Well-Known Member

    Well, shit. I guess if I stop now they'll heal in time then.
  4. Beret

    Beret Staff Alumni

    Hun, even so you are cutting the doctor is not allowed to tell (unless you are under 18). When you cuts are severe, and you are a danger to yourself, he might try to get you committed. Are you planning in asking a referral to a shrink or psychologist? That might be a good idea. Good luck and dont be scared of a new doc. :hug:
  5. notmyrealname

    notmyrealname Well-Known Member

    Well that sounds better. I'm just going to the doctor to be proactive, I'd rather not put myself in a position where I can't hide myself anymore. I'm 26 so he shouldn't be able to tell anybody about it if he sees them?
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  6. Oceans

    Oceans Well-Known Member

    yes at your age he won't tell anyone unless as someone else mention if the the cuts are deep or you are a danger to yourself
  7. ThoseEmptyWalls

    ThoseEmptyWalls Well-Known Member

    Doctors can break confidentiality for a number of reasons.. To get paid for their services (Which means they call give your Personal Health Information to your insurance provider or a lawyer/ect if they cant get payment). They can give your PHI to their laywers or accountant (for reasons of an audit). They can give your PHI to other doctors if you need treatment from their clinic. They can give your PHI to the pharmacy that fills your medication.. They can give your PHI for a number of other reasons. Here where I live they are required to tell you before they give the information and give you time to dispute unless of course your cooperation is not needed. That would be in the case where a judge would give someone access to your PHI or you were deemed a threat to yourself or others.. Theres a lot of reasons they can legally give out your personal health information..
  8. notmyrealname

    notmyrealname Well-Known Member

    Because of the conflicting answers here I decided to go right to the health care act of canada(in hindsight I prolly should have just done that). Specifically the Regulated Health Professions Act(1991). But if anybody else has ever asked themselves this question I'd check out Section 36:
    Every person employed, <...> shall not communicate any information to any other person except,
    Clause 1(i):
    "if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the disclosure is necessary for the purpose of eliminating or reducing a significant risk of serious bodily harm to a person or group of persons"

    Also in the Personal Health Information Protection Act(2004)
    Section 40:
    "A health information custodian may disclose personal health information about an individual if the custodian believes on reasonable grounds that the disclosure is necessary for the purpose of eliminating or reducing a significant risk of serious bodily harm to a person or group of persons."

    With that in mind. I would say that; Yes, if you're cutting yourself and your doctor sees it and you don't want anyone to know about it. Unless you can convince your doctor that it's not an issue(a herculean feat in itself). He will probably let the people you're trying to hide it from know about it.

    In my case, alls I can do is stop for now and hope that everything heals up nice and purrty. Otherwise, I'm boned.
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