Doctor started me on steroids, what to do with workout

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    Sorry if the title is a little vague, my medical doctor found that I have very low testosterone and started me on a steroid (a testosterone gel), problem is I have been always overweight and I finally got back into the gym about two weeks ago, but with the gel, I don't know if I should contiue. My goal is weight loss, not muscle gain, so I am unsure if I should contiue to work out or stop for the time being.
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    I would ask your doctor what would be the best move for you hun explain to him what you said here and your worries okay be upfront with your doctor get answers okay
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    Well, you should probably ask an expert, but since you already posted here:

    What kind of a city/place do you live in? I'd recommend taking long (1-2 hours) active walks, thrice weekly or so (or maybe every day, whatever you can get used to), if the place around your home is nice enough (like, not with car and city dust everywhere). Getting into the habit of doing the typical morning exercise routines or warming up before walks wouldn't hurt either, and you don't need to go to the gym for that.

    Some people may find it boring to just walk for over an hour, but that can be easily fixed with an mp3 player.

    Walking and jogging should be good for weight loss, and you should still be able to tell what kind of changes the testosterone itself is inducing.