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Doctors Are Evil!

Discussion in 'Opinions, Beliefs, & Points of View' started by carbon monoxide perfume, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. Dear Suicide Forum,

    I am sure a lot of you are on anti depressants, among what ever else medication, I am not going to tell you not to get off your medication more as second guess what you are putting in your body, as you know medication is man made chemicals, and psychology is the most limited field. There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance, there is no way for the Doctors to prove that there is. The brain is The brain is over 60% fat. I kind of don't even know where to start, there is such thing as depression obviously, most people don't know this but it's caused by a lack of Omega -3 in the brain, a lot of the B vitamins help fight depression as well, Fish Oil is very high in omega -3 so with the right set of vitamins you can cure your depression. Right now I am taking Fish Oil, and b12 also known as Methylcobalamin. Magnesium is also very good for your body, and helps against depression as well as many other things, Anger,Sleep problems,OCD, every disorder these help against, and are a lot better for your body. Your brain needs healthy minerals and omega-3 fats to be happy. Sleep problems, everyday at 9:00pm your brain releases, a sleep hormone called Melatonin. So in nature, without electricity people would fall asleep at that time, but now that we have all these devices that admit light, and the foods and, drinks that you eat corrupt this hormone. So when people are drugging there body with Caffeine and sugars, they have them selfs to blame. To add all the memories you have experienced during the day, is saved into long-term memory, so the longer you sleep in the worse your long-term memory is. Female nurses doing shift work have like 3 times more the risk of breast cancer, because they are awake, when their bodies should be killing cancer cells, your body releases chemicals to kill cancer and germs, when it is completely in the dark, which means no light. Light makes the body think it's daytime, so the more light the less it will release the chemicals to fight against germs. Light basically sets your body timetable, and it's like a remote control. People that experience more light then night, can cause a lot of stress on the body, in the past people used lamps at night, then they went to sleep, but now people work all day, and parting into the morning hours, then people wonder why they have heart attacks, to much light stresses the body, as does lack of light, which is called seasonal depression. Where the days get shorter, and the nights get longer, or in some places no light for weeks, It's because Vitamin D helps against depression so no light causes people to get severely depressed. Magnesium, or Epsom salt, which you can put into baths, and it sinks into the pores and it helps Vitamin D spread through your body, that drug does over 500 things for your body, so a lack of it can cause depression. Lets go back a little, to to much day and parting into the morning, statistics show that, most people have heart attacks on Mondays, because they party until Monday, which means lack of sleep, could be to much light or lack of light. So you wonder why peoples stress levels go up. Now to top this all off how doctors are just little zombies brainwashed people. Okay guys most doctors only preach drugs, People need to know how they body really works, they are hiding the knowledge from the people, doctors are like modern priests. Most people are scared of them. Like what they say people believe, because there the one who has a degree in it, hate to tell you this people degrees can't rule over self stupidity. Ancient doctors used herbs, counseling and food to heal people. Modern doctors use drugs and surgery most of which are unnecessary. Some surgery can save people's lives and some medicine like antibiotics are life-saving, but modern medicine is not an antidote for an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. In America, they were trying to pass some law making supplements expensive so no-one can afford them. You would have to see a doctor to obtain them. If this law comes into place, you can't buy supplements cheap anymore, only the rich could be able to afford them. Because our body needs nutrients to work properly,
    nutrients are like employees that our bodies need to run the body system. When some employees are missing the body will get sick. Funny how when animals get sick, the animal doctor always look at what the animal ate, but when humans get sick, they rarely look at the diet. Because most medical schools are funded by drug companies, that's why doctors proscribe drugs rather then Vitamins and minerals. The drug company rules mostly what is taught in medical school, and brain washes the students thinking drugs are the answer for everything, it sickens me, that the people are suppose to help are not really there for you. So drug companies are the legal drug pimps, they invite doctors to meetings and send them gifts and brainwash doctors to believe that their drug works. Which it does, but not without great side effects, which all of them have, Columbine, think past the school abuse the kids had, they were put on anti depressants, and what do they go and do, kill everyone in there school, it because it mixes up signals that need to be sent, it can cause extreme anger even worse of a depression. So who is to blame, basically the Doctors but even more so, Drug company's. and that they should get people on these drugs as much as possible. We live by a world ruled by evil multinational companies. Big companies dictate governments what to do. The media is simply brainwashing people. There is no such thing as chemical imbalance. If you want to read a book, there is one called Toxic Psychiatrist, by a doctor who believes that drugs are evil. It's called Toxic Psychiatry. A new mother who didn't have depression, was given antidepressants by a doctor, because she complained her child wasn't sleeping well. After a short time, she began to cut herself, because the medications made her crazy. They keep on giving her new medications, and it made her worse. Eventually she was locked up. By chance she looked up the Net and found other people had suffered side-effects from drugs. She worked out the medications were making her crazy. She secretly reduced her medications and she went back to normal. and the doctor was surprised how she did it. He thought he put her on a special combination of medications. She wrote her experiences in a book called Dying for a Cure. Recently a news reader just committed suicide after a doctor had changed her medication. The drugs made this news reader kill herself, because she was never a loner. She was very social. This was in Australia. In the US there are now black-box warnings for potential suicide risk from antidepressants. Don't you see what is going on here? You are being ruled by greed, and experimentation, and we are the stupid people in there experiments. They keep telling the media that antidepressants are safe and claim that only 2% of people will have side-effects. This is all lies. Even if not would you be part of that 2%? SICK SICK SICK! Australia has no warnings on drugs because most medical schools are funded by drug companies. It's time for you guys to start seeking different help, the vitamins are helping me it's amazing. I just want to show you those are the people that want to help you, brain washed people, who know real knowledge, yet can't really help you, because there taught to give drugs, not the right nutation, which can really cure you. You now know you are in this corrupt world, which people die for, Greed, Lust, Stupidity rules this world. FUCK THEM! They preach there propaganda, but what I speak is truth, I am the echo that you hear in the dark! I will not be consumed by them. I am a individual, not a sheep. The media is EVIL! Humanity is evil! See the lies? There feeding you them like babies, stupid innocent babies, that will feed of them because they know no better, I really can't tell who is more stupid at this point, No offense to anyone at Suicide Forum this is just sickening. Dragging me into the bottom of the ocean, where I will drown, if I don't break free, and it's the same with you all! "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
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  2. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    Doctors saved my life when I was a baby - I'm glad they did, even if I do still feel depressed at times. They ain't all bad!
  3. I am not saying there all bad, if you are pertaining to the topic of this thread there all bad, doctors in general are not evil, they do help like I said in the thread, just to the topic what I'm writing about is evil. There drugs are evil, they know what they give you, they know there is better help for you, if you did not know what I was talking about, I am talking about people that are depressed, people that think meds is the answers to there problems, of course when you break a bone, go see a doctor, get it fixed, just the information they keep from you is horrible, I thought what I was getting at was perfectly clear, if not say so. I will elaborate more you you ^_^
  4. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    I cant condemn nor agree with this post. Part has truths and other part is incorrect on a realistic level. That we live by a world ruled by multinational companies that corrupt government and are themselves corrupted in turn is all too true; fact! That media is brainwashing us, I can only agree to it. They do more than brainwashing people, they program our brains to see the way they want us to see.... negative tings only..... media brings news from all over the world...but is all that happen in this world only negative? What part or role has goodness, love, care, help, good deeds in all this? Have they less importance than what evil goes around? They deliberately 'CHOOSE' to bring forth evil to our houses, to our eyes, to our ears, to our schools etc. As if negativeness was what we must know and focus onto. It simply blurr our vsion, twisting our mind thinking process and lead us, sheep, to behave, react and so on.. as they are controling us like puppets. Silent sheep? Yes, 99,5% are.

    You talk of the 2 % on which side effects will be noticed (and some gone to their death). What people are unaware of is that those experiments are done on a limited scale. Lucky if they are 50 or 100.... and the 2 % is based on this small scale. Well now 2% of 100 is not much..... at least doesn't seem at priory, but take it on a scale of a country's population. Lets see a state of 5 million inhabitants......... that makes how many people that will suffer side effects and how many death?

    Strange but when we read the little pamphlet provided by the phramaceutical firm with their product, we pay attention to some limit... it doesn't go beyond immediate attention.

    Well this 2 % i agree, for a long time I thought it too......... till I came to know that those tests were done on very limited scale. No name giving, certain firms do tests on only 10 persons. So, make your counts on that 2 % ????? I am not too good at maths so make your counts.

    Now I disagree with you. Some natural, mother nature, offers a wide range of products that can help some mental and physical unblance and illnesses.
    To say that the brain doesn't have or can't find itself unbalanced at a chemical level or the like is foolish of you. I agree that 'SOME' a part of a whole can
    be help if not healed by more natural uses of mother nature, but to say that we all need to move onto mother nature alone to fix depression, schizofrenia, etc could be deadly in the outcome. I suffer from brain illness (no need to give scientific name of illnesses) and part of side effects of those problems can and have ben helped by mother nature yet the bottom problem, the brain itself CANNOT IN NO WAY be helped other than by those drugs you are so strongly against.
    I have 30 years + of trying both and can tell you that for a fact, mother nauture has a wide range of products and life savers either used at their natural state, others being converted or combined with other products (natural or chemical they be). For now, part of my cure is based on mther nature yet should I decide to abandon medical drugs, I wouldn't survive a single month.

    Epilogue: Mother Nature is fantastic! Chemic firms complement mother nature. Both are necessary yet one MUST be aware and MAKE IT an OBLIGATION AND PRIORITY TO EDUCATE ourselves and teach those blind sheep like that will take for granted at first value chemical products without asking what they are for, their action, how they are to work on our system, questioning about what doctors want us to put in our system.

    So far, none will take or buy a rotten like apple as we care about what we eat....... if the colour of the meat or smell brings forth a 'be aware' something smells fishy here with that meat we disregard it completely. We do care about what goes in our body. WHY IS IT DIFFERENT WHEN IT COMES TO MEDICATION? do we trust our doctor to the point to be blind? sorry but i've been blind long enough and lost alot in the run..... now dont trust either doctors nor medication whatever their use is for.......... I ASK, I INVESTIGATE, I DO RESEARCH, I CONFRONT etc....... then decide knowingly what i am about to put or not in my body. But an englighten decision........ not more a sheep. Got enough of the wolf biting my arsh ...... so provided to fight back.

    Thanks for taking time about this argument. Bring forth facts, both positive and negative but balance things. Not all is white or black. At times white and black can do a nice match........ or a complete .......... but none will know untl tried, looked into etc... thanks again.

    One thing......took me several hours to read and make sense of this post. Long posts, specially if not separated into paragraphs makes it much harder to follow and discourage readers.

    The topic is worth botherring about and will, i hope, call people to conciousness about medication issues. Not al is white nor black!

  5. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    Same for me. For some reason they keep saving it when I dont want it anymore LOL but they are stubborn, fighting against my will and focussed onto giving me life when am barely alive. Doctors and medication are necessary no matter what we think ...... not all type of depression or mental and brain illness can be cure with mother nature alone.

    Lets be realistic and accept those facts. Both are necessary yet some abuse of both and mess up. None are to be blamed but those messing up with things to make quick profit...... the fault is to the individual not the product(s) alone... if at all in many cases.
  6. Ruby

    Ruby Well-Known Member

    .. For some people antidepressants are literally life saving. You go on about neurotransmitters and chemical imbalances, who cares?
  7. jonstark

    jonstark Well-Known Member

    Hey, carbon monoxide perfume, your post is very hard to read cuz it's a single paragraph. I also hate doctors. Fuck them.
  8. Ruby

    Ruby Well-Known Member

    Yes, I can understand why you hate people who dedicate their lives to helping people :dry:
  9. anonymous51

    anonymous51 Staff Alumni

    Who are the people that dedicate their lives and overwork for us, the people who we go to when we our lives are in danger and are always ready to help no matter how hard the situation is. People dont just train as a doctor for a laugh and wealth, its a huge choice in life and its one of the most important jobs in society, EVERYONE will need the help of a doctor at some point. I just dont see how you are so quick to judge without making any valid points, all it is is "government controlling our minds, greed and power blah blah blah".

    There has been two points in my life where i have nearly died, once when i was a baby and was being strangled by my umbilicle cord (twice) during labour, and two when a serious flu outbreak had reached my city. If it wasnt for the help of doctors me and many millions of people in the world who are alive right now would be dead so please try and use rational thought before you come out with mindless outbursts.
  10. Dear Granny, If you already went on the medication train, you really need a skilled psychiatrist who practices integrative medicine to help you get off. It can be dangerous stopping medication, on your own. I am not anti-medication. Drugs I believe should be the last resort though. I believe that depression can be treated with natural means, but you will need a professional natural health practitioner to guide you. Doing it yourself is like like throwing darts in the dark. Throwing darts for 30 years in the dark, is probably an exercise in futility. Unless you use the right dosage of vitamins and herbs, you will not achieve the healing response that you are looking for. 99% of the supplements on the market are too weak to have a medicinal effect. That is why you need professional guidance who uses medical-strength supplements. If you have schizophrenia, my post is not about that. Schizophrenia is really in the realm of neurology, not psychiatry. My post is only about depression in general. Medical science has gone far now in diagnostic tools. We can now measure how much omega-3 are in your blood cells. If you have high levels of omega-6 in your body, it is expected that you will experience depression. How much vitamin D is in your body? If your levels are low, then you are likely to be depressed too, because you can't absorb calcium very well. I invite you to test your body for omega-3 and vitamin D and B12. Order a home-urine B12 test from www.b12.com, a real diagnostic lab. Also, test your thyroid function with a thyroid specialist. Thyroid disease often causes depression as a SYMPTOM. Once your thyroid hormones are balanced, your depression will usually go away. Male and female bodies are different, and the drug approach treats both equally, which is wrong. Being a woman with low hormone levels of progesterone and testosterone can cause depression. You need a hormone specialist, if you have hormone imbalance. The body can only heal when hormones, emotions, nutrition are all balanced. I invite you to join www.antidepressantawareness.com to talk about your experiences, good or bad. I recommend this new book for you. It is about someone who has tried both drugs and natural medicine and have found which works best. http://www.amazon.com/Healing-Depression-Bipolar-Disorder-Without/dp/080271496X It is also best to avoid any foods with soy flour or protein, as soy is known to stop you from absorbing vitamin B12. Blood tests for vitamin B12 are usually misleading. They can show high for people who are low, so a urine test for B12 called UMMA is recommended. Depression is a complex set of symptoms. It is not a disease in itself, but a symptom of underlying problems. Some people have trauma and have found some therapies such as EMDR to be helpful (www.emdr.com) in their healing process. The key to healing depression is to seek the roots of your problems and to address these. I call drugs symptom-blockers. Symptoms are really messengers telling us that something is truly wrong. This something may be emotional imbalance, omega-3 imbalance, magnesium imbalance, vitamin D imbalance, thyroid imbalance, progesterone imbalance, etc. You need to work towards balance to achieve lasting happiness and healing.

  11. Did you not read my post right? Please try to reread and get the point I am getting at, because obvously you don't understand which is fine... Cheers. (no offense to you.)
  12. Ruby

    Ruby Well-Known Member

    Your posts make my head ache :sad:
  13. I'm sorry, I am not forcing you to read it=/ Just there for you guys to see the other side, and the real side.
  14. Doctors are not necessarily evil, but the system which they work in allows them to be evil. It's like if you work in a company that has bad policies and allows staff to bully each other. Then the staff will act badly, this is how life works.
    They get paid by drug companies to say drug ABC is safe, and then the public will buy the drug. Doctors used to go on TV and say that smoking is good. Modern medicine is only best for infectious diseases and surgical emergencies.
    Otherwise, diseases of the mind are only experimental treatments. The scary thing is that no-one knows how the drugs they give really work.
  15. The only good doctors that I know, are the doctors who are willing to help me die. Bless them.
  16. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    Dear carbon mono perf., Doctors are evil if they choose to be, but not all are. You, we, cant judge them all on account of part of this issue. It implicates more than 'drugs' to heal or better one's health or save life.

    I could say the same about manyfields which do have strong impact upon mankind. ONE thing I must say about phramacy representents and doctors (normal family doctors). The RARELY go beyond what the representent tells them and offer those 'tried' free 'samples' to patients which in itself is to be condemn. I hve had life threatning episodes due to this........ yet when faced, the doctor will say that i am a 'one that fits in the 2%' and go on giving it to others. Know it as a fact not immaginary but evidency proof.

    What will a drug do in the long term? Let me ask you this here. Do you know what the waster tap you drink each day does not hold more germs that human body can handle in the long run? Or what oops forgot how its called... but the food manipulated? Or the pesticides or ok the list is long.

    I can tell you what was thought to be safe 40 or 50 years ago and now a killer (but took that long to find out). Can tell you what was thought to be unsafe 40, 50 years ago and through high and low fights about it, today proven to be efficient and life saving...... sowhat's to say about what is said to be healthy or unhealthy today? What we will, no better coz I wont be here much longer at my age, know about safe and unsafe will be really known beyond doubt once tested in the lng term..... not before. I cant either condemn nor accept an issue on account tht we dont really know the outcome. I condemn the lack of information given, real testing on a wide range of patients before saying it is 'safe', i condemn the boosting meds via media, i condemn doctors giving samples witout knowledge of what they handle...... etc.

    I do not condemn medication itself.... some are necessary and life savers or permetting one to have a decent daily life. Some are necessary others not but to distinguish which is which........ here is the hick....... no?
  17. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    One las thing about doctors and evil. Some are real evils and others are angel like.
    How to make the difference? not by looking at how much time they spent on schooling, practice in hospital to get their md. bch etc... or poor kids giving up so much to get through to achieve their aim to becme doctors. For me they didn't nor do they give more up than other fields asking for as much but on different levels.....so on that f.o.

    A REAL good doctor is one that dedicates time to view and review one's file before seeing a patient. Knows before the patients sits down at an apt. what he-she came for before so dont look like a cmplete idiot. Dont need to ask the patient what he is taking as meds. That is one that doesnt make you feel you are a pain somewhere for disturbing him again for visiting. That is oe that cares about the patient on all lvels.... physic, mental, mood and inform himself on all that could afflict or interfere with the patients' health. That is one that if call upon on emergency do takes calls....... that is one that if a patient is disbled for whatever reason to the point that he cant leave home, he will make it a point to visit his patient at home...... not ignore him-her coz he only sees on apointemnets at his office. That is a DOCTOR in my book.

    During my long stay on this planet, i've seen alot.... from those who came home to visit, went out of their way to be there and help to those asking not to return to disturb them at the office coz what you went in for was not important enough to bother them.
    No, no shit i am teling the truth. Been asked not to take apt. if not urgent or absolutely necessary as he had more imortant tthings to do. That is a bad practicioner.
  18. Okay, I feel like no one is reading what I am posting, it feels as if we are going in circles now.
  19. Ruby

    Ruby Well-Known Member

    I can agree with you on this. Antidepressants block certain receptors, antipsychotic alter other chemicals. I don't believe that anybody knows for certain what these drugs do, but I think they are used so often because Doctors don't know what else to offer.
  20. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    You've got it all wrong dear carbon monoxide. I've read it and read it and read it more than once.

    Sorry but there has been a black out and completely forgot to post this when elect. came back. Better late then never they say. Lucky i wrote on word as your post was way long for me to read and comprehend with this short memory i've got... and congitivity lets forget it at times... so here is what was lft out.

    What comes out of your thread is that you are pushing, venting all the pro of natural products versus chemical ones (psi meds etc).

    To some extend I will agree with you that in ' some ' cases they can work or better could work (to be seen if alone or in combo to psi meds now... case by case decision cant put them all in the same bag).

    I will remind you, should you have forgotten, or omitted to inform forumers about this issue, how natural medicine, no names too bad i'd have some fun now but oh well... will do without. I will kindly remind you of some past episodes where patients of all type and groups have given up psi meds to go onto natural therapies, where others have chosen to go directly to natual products-medicine :) and what came of them......... should I do like you and put some links to such outcomes I'd be banned from this forum and with reason at that.

    Being a pro life forum and for decency to soft hearts and ears (eyes) what came to happen to some of those patients are better left unsaid here..... but you know as well as I do if you are so aware of it all...... as let presume your thread of course..... right?

    Before giving the 'pro' against, one must be able to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar which you do not.

    Your points have some validity yet incomplete as you give some of the pro none of the 'against' so be honest as nothing is all pro.....

    Same goes when it comes down to the more lets call it..... uhmmm traditional approach of treating mental illnesses and the like?

    Not all is negative nor is all positive. Again here you go strong without evidence........ if you want to go on the natural vs traditional approach please give as much info down to earth on both accounts including both negative and positive for both natural and traditinal which you failed to
    do so cant take your thread too seriously... at this point.

    Sorry you have not given ground for debate so passing onto new thread.

    Should you provide further info as requested, i shall give it attention otherwise am outta here.

    Thank you for the information provided, some will be considered yet carefully outweighted on the pro-against.

    Again thank you and have a nice day.

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