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Doctors Practice 2

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I made my complaint the other day to the facility were I was wronged by one of there doctors I was notified today that that doctor is no longer practicing med there they have let him go so I feel a little relieved but it is not over I have an appointment on friday with my doc and I will speak with him about pressing charges.

I am a bit relieved but hope the next step is as simple as the first.
Thank you to all who have showed me there support it has helped more than you know.


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Well done you!

I was thinking about you the other day and wondered what had happened, so thank you for the update.

Very well done for being so bloody brave and fighting it.

The fact they have already not got him working there implies there have been other problems too, which should make each of your steps in the complaint road a bit easier.

You should be so proud of yourself. Please treat yourself to something really positive.

You have made me smile for the first time all day, I'm really impressed.

Well done once again, and take care

Sa Palomera

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wow, that's really good! Well done for fighting this, Bear. I'm proud of you and so should you be of yourself!

Stay strong and be proud of yourself :smile:
Congratulations to you. I know how difficult this step is to take and now to continue on. I wish you the best. Please keep us informed of the progress so we can celebrate with you. :hug:
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