does accidenta death carry different weight than suicide?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by MdngtRain, Aug 11, 2014.

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  1. MdngtRain

    MdngtRain Well-Known Member

    would it be easeir to handle the death of a loved one if you thought it was an accident as opposed to suicide? for me both carry the same weight (I have a lot fo difficulty with loss, period. doesn;t matter how it happens). others I think see it differently... why is that?
  2. Danialla

    Danialla Well-Known Member

    I think an accidental death is much easier to handle than knowing someone committed suicide. Suicide carries a lot of guilt with it and definitely affects people differently. That's the reason I have not committed suicide yet".........I haven't found a fool proof way of making it look accidental.
  3. LowCog

    LowCog Member

    Idk, maybe because suicide is "planned" and an accident is not?

    I think the guilt is more when others think that they could of prevented it somehow. Silly humans, shit happens either way.
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