Does anybody ever wonder where they" would maybe end up after suicide? :-(

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Lionheart, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. Lionheart

    Lionheart Well-Known Member

    Not knowing what to do or believe in is the hardest thing.
  2. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    I am not sure that anyone knows. I think it differs for different people. Some people who have NDE report going to a place of ease and light. Others report having gone to a darker place of pain. My guess is that its best to hang around and try your hardest to work things out. no matter how impossible that may feel. Its just my instinct that I do not want to risk leaving and perhaps going to a place that's even worse. I would rather find a way each day to stay and keep trying to get help. to never give up. No matter how much I want to die. Sorry you are in so much pain. Please try to never give up. No matter how impossible the obstacles seem to be. :hug:
  3. thepainwithin

    thepainwithin Well-Known Member

    I believe I'll just die... back to the Universe from which I came to be born again as something else, somewhere else in the Universe. Maybe not born again, who cares? Just kinda hard not to believe I will... I mean, I got here somehow, why couldn't it happen again?

    The hurt I would cause to my family is the only thing stopping me. It's hard to hang on. They don't understand.
  4. Drake

    Drake Well-Known Member

    If you really want to go , you need to go in happiness , not in despair not in panic .

    Cause only person judging you in the end is yourself , you can fool anybody but yourself.
    Fair system the universe has , who knows yourself beter then you .
    All your lies , all your despair all your deeds .

    Yeah I had NDE and been to that wonderfull place of Tranquility and peace .
    Not a day goes back where I want to go back .
    But it just isn't my time it seems , maybe one day when I truely happy .
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