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Does anyone else cry outside?

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I sometimes have these break-downs and when they happen outside, I don't know what to do.
It makes me be afraid of going outside and this one girl looked at me all weird and didn't know how to react because I was smiling, then a second later, crying.

People see me as old enought to hold back my tears , but I don't know why this is happening to me at random times.

If you saw someone hanging out all smiling and then broke down in tears, would they feel uncomfortable too?


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I've had this happen to me on a bus, its because I always seem to go in to reflective mode on the bus.
Its bloody awful when it happens.

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sometime the tears come for no reason and we can't stop them I had this happen more then once and it is embarassing expecially when i am at work


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yeah, i have had this happen a few times too, and i basically just dont care anymore, just let it go otherwise it will eat you up inside even more. i do try and control it but its not always possible, so i give up wasting energy trying and i certainly wouldnt judge anyone i saw crying as would have no idea of the cause and they too are obviously in pain, so dont worry about what others think...let it go :hugtackles:


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I'm seen as a strong hearted person by my coworkers but I've cried openly at work, in stores, in the car. I have watched cartoons and been laughing, when "Tom" hits "Jerry" with a frying pan or whatever and be full on crying before he lifts the pan back off of "Jerry" wiether "Jerry" is under it or not.
And yes it is embarassing when the grandkids are here. My doctor has put me on a new, to me, med which has helped immensely. Tell your doctor, they might be able to help, and its ok if you cry at the doctors office like I did and my doctor is a very nice woman. Still embrarassing as heck though. Worse by far to asking for that little Blue pill friend LOL

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I cry very, very rarely. Usually at home when something (normally bizarre) triggers it, but I have broken down at work and even worse, in the street. So embarrassing.

I try to control myself, but an 'outburst' is exactly that. Everything is too overwhelming and you just need to let it out or it will hurt more. I went for a run last night, and I suddenly was so incredibly sad that I just broke down crying. Luckily no one was around, so I cried really loudly and was exhausted after but it helped.

Also just remember to breathe, and if you start to hyperventilate, sit down and put your head down between your knees.
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The absolute last thing I want in public is any attention but I cry frequently. It takes very little to set me off some days. My trick is to rub my throat, cough and pretend I'm having an allergy attack. I feel much less foolish.


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Not a problem in manhattan walking to the train or subway - no one on the street looks at you anyway

harder when i'm on the train or subway - have a long black coat with a high collar that i turn up then sit with my head down and my hands over my eyes

most of the time i have to hold it back until i can get into my car and scream until i get hoarse


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I'm not cried in public since losing my grandmother. That just happened - out of the blue and a phone call in the office later I wept like a child.

Nobody looked twice - well, sure they looked, but no man would hold it against another.

I'll cry at certain movies. Usually old ones - modern stuff seems soulless by comparison. I guess this allows me the outpouring of emotion we all need. That said, no way would I cry if in company.

I've has many people cry in my company though - but don't judge it as a weakness or anything.

Anyone crying on a bus, train, it might be the first anniversary of some loved ones death. Could be anything.

So, cry if you want to.


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I don't think it's a big deal to cry outside. Sometimes I go outside to cry specifically, I go to the park and like bawl about everything when there's no one there. If someone sees me, I assume I probably won't see them again. Just do the usual things you do to calm yourself down when you're in doors.


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My "public mask" is too automatic for me to cry in public it seems. I tend to brood more if I'm in public and have a depressed episode. Before you know it, all that brooding will cultivate my very own dark cloud to follow me around!


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I use to get so embarrassed when I would have a public breakdown. I'm getting to where I just don't care now though. I barely go out much and if it happens when I'm out, then ah well. I get ticked off when people watch, comment, or try to talk to me when I do though. But yeah.. I do cry outside.


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More often than not, it's my panic attacks that hit me out of the blue in public, not my crying spells. It's a problem when the panic attacks lead to crying, which they often to, and the panic makes it worse because I get paranoid that everyone is staring at me, and I just have to run away and get out of the situation. Outside of public, I often try to force myself to cry by thinking of painful memories and making myself feel ashamed, because I feel tired out after a good cry, and it's easier for me to lose consciousness and get to sleep in the evenings. I've been told it's probably not a very good habit. -.-
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