Does anyone else fall in love WAY too easily?

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by A_pixie, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. A_pixie

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    I cannot believe what an idiot I am. Just got out of a year long relationship and planned to end my life if he didn't take me back. I had a plan, everything. Someone on here, I cannot thank them enough...they made me start to see sense, and I hung on for a few days to see how I felt. In these past few days I met someone who seems to have just magically appeared in front of me. I only met him a few days ago but he is so nice to me...It sounds crazy, but thinking about this person who has made me laugh, smile and says he likes me (!!!!) has taken my mind off of my ex who I planned to end it all over.

    I started to remember things about my ex that drove me into a depression, the guy I have met is so kind...he does volunteer work and has texted me many, many times rather than take out his problems on me like my ex did.

    I'm vulnerable at the moment though...

    I don't want to miss out on a having beautiful person in my life, but I'm terrified of having my heart broken again.

    What do you guys think I should do?
  2. Daze&Confused

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    It just goes to show you, life's full of surprises. I'm glad you found someone who makes you happy, but please just take it slow. Don't pin all your hopes on him,just enjoy those first exciting feelings of a new love. And yes i fall in love at a drop of a hat. *drops hat*

    I love you all :biggrin:
  3. A_pixie

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    Yeah I tend to go head over heels without thinking things through lol, I guess I'll just have to breathe and not go crazy with this lol, does anyone else ever have this problem?
  4. Fishman

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    yeah I tend to as well.
  5. cupiononesse

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    Make sure it's love. I've known a lot of girls who've claimed they "fall in love too easily", when in reality they've been fooled by more physical things and base attraction. And let me tell you, it's not fun being on the receiving end of that.
    If this guy likes you, opens up and grows to love you, only to find out that your love was shallower than it appeared you'll end up with two fucked-up people for life. Please be careful! True love lasts for life, and hurts just as long.
    Don't tell anyone you love them unless you know, but by all means pursue a relationship with whoever you like XD I can't tell you how to run your life other than try not to hurt others.
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    Falling in love isn't something I chose. There were many times I just wish it'd all just stop. I can remember this person saying "I'm here whether you like it or not" :laugh: as I had been running away from him for how many months. It wasn't something I could control. I tend not to fall in love too easily because....I generally don't like many people to get close to me. I don't think I've ever gone through such hell that I've recently gone through in the summer, ever in my life, and it wasn't based on anything physical, it was something very frightening and I couldn't understand what was happening to me. I think I had tried to numb myself for a few months and then eventually everything caught up with me in the summer when I started not being so self- destructive. With my girlfriend it was purely physical attraction- and I thought I was in love but when I look back at it... no. I developed love for her, and she is a great friend but compare that with what has happened to me recently, what happened when I was 17 doesn't touch anything.

    I'd be careful if you're feeling vulnerable. And perhaps just enjoy your friend's company. I don't know as I've never actively 'chosen' to fall in love. It was something completely out of my control and scared me too much as it was too intense. A very central, deep part of me is quite numb at the moment though but that's because of lots of painful things that have happened and I'm just waiting for that part to start opening up again..without too much painful-"this is never going to happen, stop thinking about him," etc.
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  7. Anime-Zodiac

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    Take things easy and nice and slow. There's no rush.
    Your story just goes to show what i've known, it only takes one person to make a difference. And in your case this person definitely is making a difference.
  8. A_pixie

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    Yeah, it does kinda suck when you see the good in everybody at times though because sometimes you end up with people who hurt you a lot :S

    *breathes, relaxes, plans not to plunge head first into anything hehe xxxxx