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Does anyone else feel this way?

I often think of suicide and know I’ve done so as a coping mechanism but I now sometimes worry that I’ve been just telling myself it’s ok and worry that I will just act and not let myself think it through. Does anyone else think like this at all? Does anyone think that it’s a positive to ignore these thoughts or is there another way I should be engaging with them. I can honestly say if I didn’t have pets I would die tommorow and that living doesn’t interest me much. I try to keep hope but it’s hard. Ironically though my fur babies are so good for me but did stress me a lot with worry so I don’t really even know if I would be enter without them or not lol. I’m trying to stay positive and hope that things will get better but they don’t and I feel stupid sometimes for continuing. Anyway I have a psych appointment coming up real soon so fingers crossed.


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I go through stages where I think a lot about suicide. I have one good friend that I can talk to now, he attempted suicide once and was rescued when he fell and broke his leg and had to dial 911. He was taken to the hospital and saved. Right now he has a good life, we have each other, plus our teams at work would be devastated, so we are not thinking of suicide as an option. I am bipolar, I expect to go into depression soon but I may be able to stave it off with the activities I am doing, I may just go back to an even keel. I think it is important in life to find things you enjoy doing and do them.


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MosesY do you take meds for bipolar. I too have bipolar disorder and taking meds daily.
I am on Lithium as a stabilizer, Lamotrigine as an anti-depressant, and Latuda as an anti-psychotic/antidepressant. The medication is good but only goes so far, it lowers the variation of moods but does not totally suppress them.


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i understand those thoughts @Emrys i used to use the option of suicide as a coping mechanism. i always thought i could always keep suicide as an escape plan if things got too bad. it used to give me comfort knowing i had a way to end my pain.

but the truth is it's very dangerous. if you keep thinking of suicide you will become accustom to the idea. it will no longer scare you. then it's only one step to actually attempting. so please try to find a way to not think of it as much. maybe you could do something to make your life better. my inbox is always there if you want to talk...mike...*hug*shake

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