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does anyone else hate their birthday

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Wastingecho, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Wastingecho

    Wastingecho Well-Known Member

    don't like parties

    don't like celebration

    just want it to pass unnoticed

    i just see it as marking another year that i didn't die

    am i the only one?
  2. Stormhand

    Stormhand Well-Known Member

    I don't hate it, I just feel no reason to celebrate it anymore.
  3. ZombiePringle

    ZombiePringle Forum Buddy and Antiquities Friend

    I'm basically with you on this. Really dislike my birthday.
  4. flyingdutchmen

    flyingdutchmen Well-Known Member

    i cant stand the thought of my own birthday, i do not find myself worthy to 'celebrate' this event. i dont have problems going to friends birthday but if it comes to my own birthday i ask my family to pleeease not congratulate me with it. it never helps though. sometimes i go as far hiding meself that particular day
    your not alone Echo
  5. Scum

    Scum Well-Known Member

    I don't acknowledge my birthday and neither does anyone else. FAR less stressful than having to do the birthday thing.
  6. cookiemonster

    cookiemonster Banned Member

    i've had too many sad birthdays to want one anymore. no point celebrating cos no one really cares. i've forgotten when it is :?
  7. Darc

    Darc Well-Known Member

    Yeah, hate it.
    No celebrating. Don't want any stupid presents.
    I just wish everyone who knows would forget it already.
    Want to get away before my birthday every year.
    This year I finally have the means to do just that.
  8. 41021

    41021 Banned Member

    i've never had problems with it. i never think about it.
    it's always been just another day...just like the one before and after.
    it never meant anything to me nor represented anything to me...

    until this year when i no longer wanted to breathe
  9. nagisa

    nagisa Staff Alumni

    I don't really care for them, tbh. At least not when I have to be around people I feel weird to be around, :laugh:. But when it's just me and my mom it's not a big deal. I just don't like having to deal with awkward conversations with people. But, that goes for any kind of holiday/celebration like that.
  10. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    I do my best to avoid them completely. This year Elizabeth is insisting on baking me a cake, and the two of us will share it, and that will be all. I can agree with this because it's not too big of a deal and I like cake.
  11. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    I too hate my birthday ....I think it's because of the rejection I feel when people don't make much of it...
    it should be a day when your family celebrate that they have you and let you know how much they care about you.......Huh!!!!!!!
    i can remember my birthday (many years ago) when my Mum (RIP) was in a bad mood and basically threw my present at me without a word.....I've hated my birthday ever since and wish it and me were never born...
  12. someone uk

    someone uk Well-Known Member

    i am quite indifferent about my birthday, it's almost like a another day....a pay day
    i used to love it as a kid but then as i got older i became indifferent
    but now i decided my birthdays will be no cake, no candles no presents just a good night out with my friends and that's it
    me an my friends already have an unwritten agreement never to buy each other presents (makes everything easier)
    and since all of my birthdays are just go out and get drunk i started liking them again
  13. Things

    Things Well-Known Member

    Heh, I just made a rant about my birthday. I didn't even see things.

    I won't repeat myself, but I'm pretty much dreading it. It's the opposite for me. When ever it's my birthday, it feels like every other day. I find the fact painful.
  14. JonathanK

    JonathanK Well-Known Member

    They call them birthdays, but you could just as easily call them death days. Its just another sign that the big day is drawing statistically closer and closer. Every time an hour passes, death hammers another nail down.
  15. Things

    Things Well-Known Member

    "Happy Deathday, little Tommy!"
  16. KittyGirl

    KittyGirl Well-Known Member

    Actually- I've disliked my birthday since I was about 8 or so... that was the last year that I had a birthday celebration of any sort.
    Now when my birthday comes around, it's really just another day closer to death.

    ...a day closer to wrinkles
    ...another year of sadness
    ...another day of hating myself

    :cake: < I do like to have cake though... then again; I have cake and sweets ALL THE TIME!
  17. Autumn01

    Autumn01 Well-Known Member

    No, you're certainly not alone.
    I hate my birthday too.
    Last few years- I've mostly just slept the day away.
    I'm no one worth celebrating anyway.
    My birthday is in June Ugh and I really don't want to be alive for it again.