Does anyone else have Dissociative identity disorder?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Passion, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. Passion

    Passion Well-Known Member

    :sad: I feel alone.
  2. FireBird

    FireBird Well-Known Member

    I have DID and many other things. I have 10 different personalities. They range from a baby to a 350 year old martian. My case of DID is not typical at all. I even have a bird personality that speaks a different language and believes he can fly. The martian one hasn't come out in awhile but even writes in his own language! I also have 2 kids in me, one of them is 2 and the other is 5 years young and my real age is 25 (tomorrow is my 25th birthday). I am a democrat and I even have a Republican personality! His name is Jack. I am a woman and that is weird that I have all these unusual personalities. I had trauma when I was younger. That is how DID usually develops.
  3. lost_child

    lost_child Well-Known Member

    I was diagoned with this a couple of months back. Similar to Firebird, I have one whose a boy aged 9. A girl aged 6, another girl aged 8, 13 and 18. I'm not aware of them all, but my counsellor said there is, but as part of DID also comes amensia dissociation, parts of my doesn't know of other parts. Its all very complicated and I don't understand it. One of the alters is usually very similar to that of an abuser, if you were abused, and that with me is very true.
  4. Twitch

    Twitch Member

    I'm aware of four alters, though I have been told that there are more. One of them is my same age, but seems to have taken the path the person who abused me wanted me to take. Another is a (female) cutter, which is actually what brought me here...
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