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Does anyone else reply conversations and thoughts in their head repeatedly?

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Just wondered if anyone else struggles with replaying and analyzing conversations, thoughts, interactions, intentions repeatedly in their head?

Its driving me mad and I don't know how to switch it off or how to stop thinking... its like I have lost all sense of what is true and real and can't trust my own judgement anymore... so anything I see or hear gets over churned in my brain trying to make sense of it all.

I avoid contact with people as I just don't have the head space anymore... for all the thoughts, anxieties etc that come with the extra interaction. I'm beginning to think I've had some sort of a breakdown as something has snapped, I used to understand, be able to trust my own judgement. Now I am in a constant state of turmoil.

Sorry maybe I'm not making any sense! Anyway not sure if its just me but wondered if anyone else has a similar problem?
Definitely you are not alone there. Sometimes I will lay in bed for hours playing out the conversation I need to have to get the oil changed in my car. How crazy is that?

And its worse on truly important things, my thoughts go in a circular pattern, like a hamster running in a wheel, sometimes I swear I hear the wheel squeek.

Its been one of this nights tonight, tbh.

Don't feel alone. :hug:


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Yeah, always and it cause me to have sleeping problem at nights. I even created own conversation or continue the conversation with someone and answer it myself and I'll analyse the answers to so called a 'better' one

and it confused me sometimes during my dailylife. i doesn't know whether did i tell the person the answers in my mind


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I often find my head thinking things i dont want to think and so i often bollock myself aloud. Sometimes, especially when on my motorbike i find myself having full blown conversations with myself although i believe this is good for myself, because saying things aloud can often show them to be a ridiculous thought.
It also runs in my family, both my mother, my auntie and my grandmother talk to themselves and my grandad was often hilarious in his rants to himself.

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Oh yeah, i feel your pain, i get this 24 hours a day. Not just conversations either, i sometimes have imaginary conversations with people and half the time i think ive actually had the conversation. It does get messy in my head occasionally
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