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Does anyone else sleep a lot

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initially i just wanted to sleep, then i went thru a very long phase of not sleeping at all, no matter how tired i felt as soon as head hit pillow i was wide awake and usually manage 4 hours max straight a night. this weekend however, a complete shift, busy day on friday lots of crap going on, head hit pillow at 11pm (really really early for me) and that was me out of it till the next day altho i did wake up as usual i didnt lie awake just "passed back out". felt like crap yesterday, had some work to do for psych but decided to leave it till later, and wham i dont recall seeing 8pm!!! was all i could do to go get a drink at 9am this morning, and all day i have wanted nothing more than to get under duvet. feeling emotionally numb still and i wonder if that is anything to do with...so may weird things going on at the mo...just wondered about the unusual sleep.:zombie:


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It could be your body is catching up from not sleeping or it needs to escape by sleeping...I know how it feels to get a lot of sleep and feel worse than when I went to bed...in fact, happened this morning...J


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yeah, its really crappy, "felt better" with no sleep or so it seems, now i feel
my head is full of cotton wool and more sluggish than norm and my body full of concrete, also making the detachment even worse. not even sure if i am awake or not right now :shelbi: adds a new dimension to sleepovers!
This happens to me quite often.
I'll not sleep nearly at all for several days. And then I'll sleep for 12+ hours at a time for a few days. It sucks, because you feel groggy all the time for a few days, but the sleep does help a bit.


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I'm having some mild insomnia problems again. Combine that with poor time management and soon it leads to repeated weeks of building sleep deprivation. I swear, the weekends save me from insanity. I like to sleep a good 10-12 hours on Saturday and Sunday. :tongue:


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Some days I can ge to sleep fairly easily, and others it'll take a few hours....weekdays are pretty horrendous. If I'm lucky I can catch up over the weekend.


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I sleep way too much myself, and I don't know what to do about it.

When I come home from school at about 4 pm, I go straight to sleep for 1-4 hours. I then wake up for dinner, and soon go back to bed and sleep all night. :/

I feel like it's such a waste of time.


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Yeah, I flip-flop all the time between sleeping all day and not sleeping at all. I can toss and turn through a night with only four or five hours of sleep, even when I've taken a sleeping pill, and some nights I just don't sleep at all. Other nights I'll sleep for fourteen straight hours, get up for a snack or something and go back to bed. I just like not having to be conscious and think about being awake - I hate being awake. I would sleep forever if I could. >.<


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My sleep is a side efffect of my meds. I sleep for 12 hours, no matter what. Then I'm tired and groggy the rest of the day. Coffee doesn't help either.


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Yes I do. I think one reason is that I keep going on and off my Prozac cold-turkey (myself, not from my doctor). I'm almost always in front of a screen (TV, computer, smartphone) and thus stay up late and have trouble sleeping. And of course, good old fashioned depression!

I always feel tired and "meh". I can't think of a time when I had loads of energy, felt happy and "thankful to be alive", bouncing everywhere, all joyful and crap. I hate when I see people that are like that, jealousy I guess ,eh.
Same thing happens to me. There are days where I can sleep less than 6 hours and not to feel tired, but then they are days when I sleep 12-15 hours and still feeling tired.

Last Monday I went to sleep around 11pm, I woke up in 3pm next day, and then I went back to sleep at 6pm till 10pm. That's 19 hours of sleep in a 23 hour period.


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I am more depressed than usual today. Its only about 10:45PM here and I already want to sleep. I already took 2 hour nap a few hours ago. :sigh:
MMM sleep! Is there anything better? I usually skip a day sleeping trying to get my sleep schedule back on track. Other days I sleep as much as possible. I get up to let my dog out a couple times and that's it. When I'm really depressed I'll take a benydrl or two to help me sleep even more. Escape.


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I take seroquel not as a med persay but as a sleep aid.It wipes me out ,even though might take a while to fall asleep .The more I take (not enticing od ) the longer I sleep.
Im sick too atm so I sleep a lot .If i get up early then I am exhausted after an hour .
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