Does anyone else think like me????

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I`ve had quite an amount of time to think about this, The Human Species, an amazing science experiment and the product of sheer luck, since the beginning of time, humanity has been in existence for 200,000 years and to the universe thats not even .25ths of a second. WOW! that long and the tech we`ve discovered and how far we`ve come. Since the 70s to now and i have a LG computer in my pocket. and the whole concept of society is nothing but the over bearing load on a horse`s back hanging by the the thin thread that sanity lies above bleeding this Planet dry of its non-replenish-able resources . ive thought long and hard about the human body and mind, and observed that no one notices it but every human acts out of impulse to basic and primal instincts, the day i can have my brain poured into a computer, ill be right there first in line, This human body disgusts me and everything that it does. Its nothing but a vessel for my dream like state that is my life, you blink and so much passes, we all try to keep up with everyone else but its futile. someday i hope to see the demise of humanity but Im very intrigued on what will and how long humanity can hang on, we are a violent species we always have been, if we as a planet make peace, we`ll just find another species to engage in war. in the end result the universe will eventfully cease to exist and everything that ever was and will be snuffed out like a flame dont get me wrong though humanity is awesome, and it never stop being awesome, but sometime i look at thing as a grand scale and my mind is quite a trip, there are day i wonder its all a dream or a simulation of quantum computing.

lul, sorry for that ive kinda wanted to let that out. thanks for hearing me out in advance.


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I am RIGHT there with you in that I do think about humans as a species and our history on the planet, wonder what everything will be like in another 1,000, 5,000, 20,000 years....if humans will still exist, if the PLANET will still exist...and, yes, it does trip me out when I think about it too much. I also have a tendency to stare at the stars on clear nights and get COMPLETELY blown away by the fact that every single star is a sun....a SUN....and yet they are so teeny tiny compared to our sun....there has to be other life out there!

Anyways -- yep, I feel ya. Right there with ya....wish I could jump to the end of the book of human existence to see how it all plays out but all I can do is hope that somehow there is a way I will 'see' it despite it happening after I am gone (knock on wood).
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