Does anyone ever actually really care?

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    The question is not really directed at the forum, as I salute those regular participants here who obviously care and help people.

    But the world overall is a rather cold and uncaring place. The bankers don't care if the people they foreclose upon live or die. The landlords don't care about the people they evict and throw out on the streets. Employers don't care when they lay off their employees. The government doesn't care when it slashes funding for social services and agencies to help people in crisis. Oh, they might keep you alive (for reasons only they know), but still warehoused and doing the Thorazine Shuffle. You'll never get your whole life back.
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    You are correct that compassion is often lacking. I always suspect that whomever you are, your problems expand to fill the mental space you allow them. To some folks who have had experiences that are very powerful, such as abuse, this expansion, this overtaking of your mental landscape is strong and spills out.

    Governments - well anything I know about government I learned from 'Yes, Minister' and 'Yes, Prime Minister'. They have little actual power, they are merely doing a balancing act between multitudinous powers, of which their conscience is one, and unfortunately one of the easiest to silence.
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    Yeah, I see what you're saying. I just wonder sometimes.

    People can be pretty nasty, especially towards those who are depressed or down on their luck. I see how homeless people are treated. I see the mentally ill being matriculated and warehoused in the system, doped up to keep them "manageable" and "compliant." I see them at the pharmacy, trying to get meds but having to deal with some paperwork foul-up (which is all too common in the mental health field). Med errors occur too often as well. My close friends have told horror stories about some of the BS they've had to put up with from these "professionals."

    But then, if you say you want to kill yourself, people suddenly do a 180 and go "Oh, life is worth living" and "you have so much to live for" and all that stuff. It's just kind of baffling to me.
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    I totally agree with you. People only seem to "care" when someone is at the extreme. But anything below that they don't give too much thought to. The problem I have with government is that when they need to cut funding, they just cut whoever is getting the most funding. I hate it when they want to cut healthcare and education funding. it's just wrong. Nobody seems to look at the cause and effect.
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    I agree all the way. I remember one time I had to choose between paying a medical bill payment or eating. I figured eating was more important but at the same time didn't want the medical place to get mad that I wasn't paying so I tried to explain that I was running out of money and only had enough to go buy some food (bread, peanut butter and a bag of grapes) and told them that next paycheck they would be the first bill I paid.

    The woman on the other line was HORRIBLE! She talked down to me (as if i didn't feel bad enough that I was broke and hungry) and finally said "Look I don't get why you people go to doctors if you can't afford the treatment!" I had lost it and remember tellin her it wasn't my choice to get sick and not my choice that insurance refused to cover anything before hanging up.

    I think the ONLY place that has been nice to me when I hafta make that horrible call to tell them I can't pay the bill is the electric comapny. I told him that I needed food and that I was broke but when my paycheck was in the bank I could pay him- 2 weeks away. He told me that he would make the new due date 2 weeks later so I wouldn't loose my electricty (something I was greatful for since it was in the 40's).

    But 90% of people in life only care about themselves. They want that buck and forget about everything else out there. They don't care who they step on. Even in the medical field they only care if they will make money.