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does anyone feel like this?

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That during the day, everything seems fine, you're just kept so BUSY throughout the whole day you dont have time to think about anything negative... and then at night, when you have a bit of time to sit for a bit, that all the thoughts that you've spent the day trying to get rid of just come back like a gigantic truck to whack you over again... coz you're so sick and tired?

Its always the summer holidays that do me in, isnt it? I mean last summer I joined here... the summer before that I could've died... and this summer I'm slipping again after trying as hard as I can all year to stay up... what is it with me and summers?!

Hun thats EACTLY how i feel. Most people get down during night because its so quite and we have time to sit down and think. It sucks i know :sad:

*bug hugs*
I feel the same way. I had to laugh at my therapist when she told me that people feel more depressed when they wake up. When I told her nights were the hardest for me, she tried to say I was backwards. Hah! She obviosly has not talked to peolpe around here. When I have time to think at all, WHAM!!!! Here it is. Nights and summers are the worst because I am not forced to think of other things. The mind is a dangerous place to wander around in alone. :hug: to you TDM.


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Yes, nighttime is the worst for me - the house is quiet and I'm alone with my thoughts, not always a pleasant place to be alone in...:unsure:

Daytime isn't so bad cause I'm busy with so many things, it's only after I have time to myself that I start thinking, and thinking, and regretting, and analysing....:sad:

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