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Does anyone have RA ? Or is anyone Bipolar?


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I’ve told my wife how this site helps me. And have suggested to her that she should try this place instead of Facebook. Could some of y’all leave comments to assure her that she will be in a more understanding and nurturing place to get advice and just vent about life itself.


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i hope your wife does join, so i'll leave her a message : to gauges wife this is a peer to peer community that is very safe. we care but never judge anybody. if you have health issues or mental health issues like anxiety and depression etc. you can find a lot of people that are just like you. and people are very friendly and compassionate. if you prefer realtime we have a good chat section. if you want to talk you or
@Gauge are more than welcome to use my inbox.

and you mentioned ra. i don't have it but my mom did. she was disabled at 43 and died at 67. back then there was very little that they could do so she eventually deteriated to being totally bedridden. at least now there is more hope for ra patients with these new meds. how are you and your wife doing and how long have you been married?...mike...*hug*shake


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Are you saying that your wife has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and you think it would be beneficial for her to be here? (Or that you have it, and would like to reassure her that this is a healthy place to be...)

Either way, if it’s for her, then I think it would be a very wise decision to at least sign up and give it a trial run to see if she can find something to her liking, and hence, “fit in?”

—if she is reading this, then what I would like to let you know, is that there are a great many of members whom have this diagnosis. And you may find it helpful to share stories, experiences, ask and answer questions with others who know what you are going through. Because they have gone, and continue to go through, many of these same things. Or you can just sit back and enjoy their, and others stories. Which range from all kinds, including emotions, as well as any and just about everything else! : )
Quite a few dealing with a good deal of pain, too... & I’m sure with RA. So, even if they don’t have the exact same thing (cause), the end result (pain), is the same, or more universal — beyond of course severity & whatnot.
hope this helps, or at least, doesn’t hurt..;)


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Hi gauge (and his wife)
There are a lot of folks with bipolar here and a few with RA as I recall. Everyone is in varying stages of both of those.
I'm glad you're finding the site useful. We really try hard to make this a safe space for everyone. I know you might have found the moderation heavy initially but I think you can see that (you're right!) that it's useful in keeping everyone here in the best place possible. We're more than happy to have your wife come along.
Cheers to your continued upward trajectory of feeling better.


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Thank you all for your support. But she is unwilling to join because the only person she needs is her narcissistic mother to guid her in life . ( for more details on that check the grief and breveameant thread I posted).

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